Home made eco friendly cleaning spray

I dumped the Mr Sheen years ago and I have been using a mixture of vinegar and water to clean surfaces and furniture. It is very cheap and effective. I  have also on occasion used bicarbonate of soda to scrub the bathroom. However, until now I haven’t really explored any recipes for  a home made eco friendly cleaner such as this one.

home made eco friendly cleaning spray

Home made eco friendly cleaning spray

A home made eco friendly cleaning spray

I hate the idea of living in a house filled with chemicals and the damage that they do to the environment, but I can’t afford the expensive eco-friendly cleaning products you find in the supermarket or health food shop.

Over the years a mixture of being very busy and laziness has meant that my cleaning cupboard has started to fill up with standard cleaners. I have bathroom cleaners, bleach, window cleaners, carpet cleaners, oven cleaners….what happened to my green credentials?! My cupboard is full of chemical cocktails in a sea of plastic bottles. Enough is enough!

As I run out of each cleaner I am going to experiment with a cheaper, greener home made alternative. The first has been a general purpose spray cleaner that I have so far used successfully in the kitchen and bathroom as well as the kitchen work surfaces.

This is extremely cheap and easy to make. I put it in an old spray bottle so less plastic waste too! I reckon it cost about 60p for a litre and I have loads of borax substitute left that should last ages.

Orange general household cleaner

An old spray bottle, washed out
2 heaped tsp borax substitute
4 or 5 drops of orange essential oil
100ml white vinegar
warm water

Use a large jug as this fizzes when you add the vinegar to the borax substitute. Start by mixing them together as much as you can. Add your orange oil and top up to the litre mark with warm water. Keep stirring until the borax substitute is dissolved, pour into your spray bottle and get cleaning!

I got my white vinegar from Asda for about 39p and the oil and borax substitute came from Summer Naturals.

Does anyone have some tried and tested eco friendly cleaning spray recipes they would like to share?

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  1. I love your cleaning solution I shall certainly be trying it. I use clove oil diluted in water in a spray bottle to clean mould, it is really good and smells like Christmas!

      • Half a teaspoon of oil to a litre of water in a spray bottle, leave for a while then wipe with a damp cloth, if it is very bad you might have to leave overnight. When its clean I spray a little on and just leave to dry, not sure if you are supposed to do that but I find it helps. We suffer badly with mould, we are on the edge of Dartmoor and its a damp environment so we often use this ,it is better than bleach or the advertised really strong stuff that get’s the back of your throat!

  2. I use a Vinegar and Water spray for cleaning. I have heard of adding baking soda. I haven’t tried it or the borax. Also the orange oil sounds great. In the past, I used a store bought cleaner with orange oil which smelled so good. The clove oil sounds good too. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I make my ownall purpose ‘Green Citrus Cleaner’.
    Put orange and lemon peels (just the peels, not the white lining) in a jar with a lid and fill up with white vinegar. Keep adding peels to the jar/vinegar till it’s stuffed.
    Let it sit for about two weeks, remove peels and put vinegar in a sprayer adding an equal amount of water.
    Costs? Less than 20 p.
    Purse-Environment-Home-Happy and Healthy Cleaning!


  4. Useful info. For general use I have used just rose oil or lavender oil in water in a spray bottle which seemed to be enough because for the most part it’s just a matter of removing dust. Lately I have been using a commercial non-chemical cleaner because it was given to me by a friend who didn’t like the smell (and had bought two bottles ).

  5. I asked my local small shop to see if they could get white vinegar from the cash and carry it worked out at £8 for 10 litres and supported a local business. I use it for almost all the cleaning and as fabric softener.

  6. Your posts are always so interesting and thought provoking Jane. Thank you for the regular reminders and great suggestions towards frugality and being more eco-friendly.
    Jacquie x

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