A home grown meal plan

meal plan

I popped into Asda mid week for some milk and cat food. Whilst I was there, I managed to pick up some yellow stickered fish – salmon and kippers. We also have a fridge full of vegetables. No home grown ones this year, but as people keep giving us their excess runner beans, courgettes and salad ingredients we haven’t felt deprived! I just need to factor the home grown food into my meal plan this week.

We also have eggs, veggie burgers, prawns, pork, white fish, sausages, frozen broccoli and peppers. This means that, apart from fruit, we really don’t need to buy anything else.

I have made a huge batch of courgette soup. Some will go into the freezer and some will be taken for lunches. Mr S and his brother also managed to find and pick some samphire. A rare treat!

This week’s home grown meal plan

meal planSaturday

Salmon with parsley sauce, new potatoes and runner beans.


Prawn and samphire spaghetti (inspired by this recipe, which will just be a starting point. I love to adapt!).


Veggie burgers and chips, made in my air fryer. We have lots of donated cherry tomatoes to have with this.


Sicilian fish stew. I don’t have any capers, but will add some olives at the end instead to get that same salty hit.


Sausages, mash and whatever veg needs using up.


Cheese and parsley omelettes with salad.


Tuna with penne. An easy, end of week dinner using store cupboard staples.

What’s in your meal plan this week? As usual, to keep my shopping budget on track,  I am linking up with Katy Kicker and the Organised Life Project. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look here.

8 thoughts on “A home grown meal plan

  1. Hi Jane, Thanks for the inspiration again by sharing your meal plans. I notice that on a couple of days you don’t mention including a staple such as potatoes/rice/pasta eg with the fish stew and omelettes. At the moment we are both quite happy not to eat so much because of the heat, but when it cools down would need some carbs to feel full – this is probably due to a lifetime’s habit but would your partner or you miss them too? Vicki in East Yorkshire

  2. When I had all of the kids at home I always had meal plans, they work really well and mean that you do not waste money. I made lots of home made cakes and yoghurts and we were never short of food even though we were on a tight budget.

  3. How lovely that you’ve had all that fruit and veg. No food miles, all organic, zero waste… Looks like you’ve got a great meal plan.

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