Grow your own fruit and veg to save money, even when you’re feeling delicate 

So… the downside of entertaining 😊. I did two loads in the dishwasher as we went along, but we didn’t want to stay up all night washing up. So many glasses!

Growing your own hangover

We had a lovely evening. Mr S enjoyed being the centre of attention and we even sang happy birthday. The cake was delicious. This is what it looks like inside. It was more sugar than I have eaten in almost three months though and gave me a headache, although that might have been all the prosecco I managed to quaff. I felt a little ‘tired’ when I got up.

Growing your own fruit and veg

It is a gorgeous day. Gardening and fresh air can be a good hangover cure!  We had a few jobs in the garden that needed to be done as we are off on holiday in a few days.  At Shoesbring Cottage we are always growing our own fruit and veg to save money – well some of it anyway. We had to get the runner beans into the vegetable patch as well as the courgettes.

We aren’t doing as much this year. I love growing our own produce and it definitely tastes better and fresher, but it involves a lot of work and we don’t have time to do it on a larger scale at the moment. Growing your own means that you can eat food that can be quite expensive in the shops and a tiny fraction of the price.  So we just have the aforementioned courgettes and runners, plus broad beans, pumpkins and spinach. I have also put in a globe artichoke for the first time and we have rhubarb that is now well established.  In the greenhouse we have tomatoes, chillis and cucumbers.

We have quite a lot of fruit: red and black currants, apples, grapes and raspberries. I will freeze some of these as they are lovely on our porridge throughout the year.

I am really happy with how the garden is looking at the moment. We have been working really hard to keep on top of it and it’s paying off.  I just hope my darling daughter waters it all next week as she has promised!

Do you grow your own fruit and veg? What have you got coming along?

5 thoughts on “Grow your own fruit and veg to save money, even when you’re feeling delicate 

  1. Love your outdoor space and garden and wish I could have a small one of my own but not possible here. Enjoy your holiday and many happy returns to your husband.

  2. Enjoy your break away. We are not long back from Spain and it was lovely, although you can’t beat the UK when the weather is good. My brother looks after things while we are away as we grow our own and both daughters live over 20 miles away. PS that cake looks yummy!

  3. We have a small vegetable plot at the end of the garden where we grow runner beans, raddish, rhubarb,, leeks, tomatoes and copious amounts of spring onions (I love cooking with them). At my gym we have a bit of a swap-shop where I trade runner beans and in this way I’ve had home grown cucumbers and delicious damson jam. It’s a very informal arrangement among just a few of us. With the cost of preparing the soil and the various other bits and pieces my husband always seems to be having to buy, I’m not convinced that growing always saves money though.We don’t bother with carrots, even though we eat quite a lot of them, because they are so cheap to buy. Rhubarb and spring onions are a definite save on shop prices, though there is no way we would eat anything like the quantity of them if I had to pay. I do like the idea that home grown are not sprayed with pesticides.

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