The good things in life for less #5frugalthings

We have had a thrifty week. I have actually spent very little money generally, although I have bought some things for Christmas. You don’t have to spend a fortune and can easily experience the good things in life for less money.

Christmas booze

good things in life for less

We braved Aldi last weekend to buy some of their excellent Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, which has had some excellent reviews. It was on offer for £7.99.

We bought several bottles as our contribution to our Christmas celebrations, which will be hosted by my sister. Who says you can’t have the good things in life for less?

Slow cooker stew

good things in life for less

The slow cooker has started to be used a lot more now that the weather is getting colder. In last week’s meal plan I said we were having a slow cooked vegetable stew. It was really warming and delicious. We added a bit more stock to the leftovers and ate those as soup for a couple of days too. Home made soup is superior in every way to shop bought, even the fancy stuff in cartons. Super cheap too.

good things in life for less

Bargain books

I bought a few more Christmas presents in the form of books this week. I got them from the Book People. They are good value anyway but currently have a 10% flash sale on.

Eco-friendly bin liners

Who reads newspapers these days? I used to be able to pick up the old ones from work, but it seems everyone is reading online. Except for my old dad! He ambles to the shop every morning to buy his.

So I collected a big pile of his old ones to use as food caddy liners, rather than the compostable sort I have been using. It’s only a small saving, but every little helps. Newspapers are compostable too.

I am also using them to wrap up the old cat litter, before putting it straight in the dustbin. I was using nappy liners before, but am running out of those and I am keen to avoid plastic where ever I can.

Using it up

good things in life for less

I have made the last of my expensive foundation last a few extra weeks by cutting the bottom off the plastic container and scraping it out with my finger. There was loads in there! In the past that would have gone in the bin without a thought.

So, you can experience the good things in life for less. Have you managed five frugal things?

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6 thoughts on “The good things in life for less #5frugalthings

  1. The last of your expensive … what, did you make last a little longer?!! 😀
    I think you missed a word or two out there!

    I thought I was doing well with my Christmas shopping, thinking I only had one son left to sort out. I seem to have forgotten I also have a daughter – and she’s only been away at uni for 2.5 months! Oops! 😀
    I expect she’ll make her presence known when she comes home in a couple of weeks time!

  2. I thought I was the only one who cut the bottoms off lotion tubes – obviously not! I am currently trying to work out how I can get the bottom off my hand lotion dispenser from Crabtree&Evelyn. Any ideas? It seems to be made of some metallic material although my sharpest kitchen knife is not cutting it!

  3. It is so important to appreciate things that we already have and maximize the use of products. In such a throw away society, I wonder how many people just keep throwing money at stuff to try and be wowed, instead of truly reflecting on what they already have. I too have tried to get every drop out of an expensive product.

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