Small frugal wins

How has your week been? We actually had about five minutes of rain last night. Not enough to help our parched garden, though. Here are my frugal wins for the week.

Growing our own, in a small way

frugal wins

We have grown no vegetables at all this year. The veg patch and greenhouse are shadows of their former selves! Life has been too hectic and I have been too tired.

However, the blackcurrants we planted a few years ago have given us a great crop, despite how dry the weather is. The blueberry bush has also been prolific over the past weeks.

I have picked and frozen the blackcurrants to use in desserts and perhaps make some blackcurrant jelly. The blueberries are being eaten as we go. I love them on my porridge or muesli each morning.

Cooking from scratch

I have been madly testing out the new air fryer this week. It seems to be rather an energy efficient way to cook as it does things so quickly. It’s almost as easy to chop up a couple of potatoes into chips and ‘fry’ them in there as it is to get a bag of oven chips out of the freezer. Cheaper and healthier too!

Boot sale bargains

frugal wins

This morning darling daughter no. 1 and I were up early and out to the boot sale. I found a very nice overnight bag for £3, which will be good for our upcoming short break to Norfolk. I bought a voucher for this for Mr S for Christmas through, but we have yet to take it.

My daughter found loads of clothes for her burgeoning Mercari reselling business. It seems she has an eye and is doing very well!

We also found some food items from a chap who sells things that are just going or have just gone out of date. They are all perfectly safe to eat and extremely cheap. We bought big bags of Twiglets at 2 for £1, some classy looking curry sauce for £1 and some gluten free fruit and nut bars, which were four for £1. Bargains!

Courgette bonanza

Even if we aren’t growing vegetables ourselves, there is always someone trying to get rid of their courgettes at this time of year. We have a large bag to use up! I am going to make some ratatouille to have with pasta tonight. Tomorrow I will try those courgette fritters I keep promising to make in the air fryer. Anything left over will be made into soup for the freezer.

I was also given tomatoes and runner beans so that will bring the grocery bill down.

Posting cheaply

I finally sold a beautiful vintage coffee set I have had sitting around. Obviously china items have to be wrapped really carefully in bubble wrap so that meant the box was quite big. I chose to send it using Collect Plus
rather than the Royal Mail as it was much cheaper. It wasn’t a heavy box, just a bit bulky. It also meant I could pop round after work to my local Coop to send it rather than trying to get to the post office before they closed.

So these are my frugal wins. Have you managed anything to save you money? I am linking up with up with  Cass Emma  and Becky in this week’s Five Frugal Things I have done this Week linky. Have a read to see how their five frugal things for the week.

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9 thoughts on “Small frugal wins

  1. Not as frugal a week as your own, Jane, but I always cook from scratch as I don’t know any other way. I didn’t even know you could buy ready-to-eat custard from a carton or tin until recently!
    One thing I don’t do is go to boot fairs. I went to one once, but wasn’t keen. Maybe there are bargains, but it’s only a bargain if you need it, otherwise it’s spending, if you see what I mean? I know if I went regularly I would fill the house with lots of things we didn’t need, it’s easier not to tempt me! Of course, you could go just for something to do, and set yourself a wise budget – say, if you are actually on the look out for something to add to a collection. Mind you, I love a browse around an antiques centre! I have found bargains there, cut glass, for example, as it’s not currently ‘fashionable’ but when did I give a fig for ‘fashion’? But we only buy what we actually need, and it must, as in the words of William Morris (and I paraphrase) be both useful and beautiful.
    We have some tomatoes coming along nicely outside; they will be the most expensive tomatoes we have ever had because they have required watering twice a day, at enormous expense, because here in Devon we have the most expensive water rates in the country (even if we were given the plants!)
    Have a good weekend, Jane.
    Margaret P

  2. Only a few minutes rain here as well. Not as many blackcurrants as usual and given to a friend to make jam as I don’t seem to be able to eat them lately. The gooseberries were frozen before we went away. Started to pick tomatoes. The salad leaves seem to have stopped growing but still alive. While we were away we bought a very good yellow sticker pizza and had for dinner one evening. Like you too busy and too tired to grow much veg this year.

  3. After work travel and the chaos that seems to follow, this week needs to be frugally focused. I hope to get a batch of jam made for future gift giving, plus, a thorough review of my clothing items, my daughters clothing, and decide if anything might be resalable, or at least donated so someone else can benefit. Cooking from scratch and using locally sources fresh seasonal veg is my mantre for the week.

  4. I use our air fryer quite a bit. I found it didn’t work too well for a big load of chips (fries) though. For the two of us it is perfect but when I tried using it to make chips for 7 of us it was a failed experiment.

    I like how the chips taste, not too greasy like deep fried ones and not dry like oven fries. I have made Scotch eggs in it and they come out perfectly. I cook battered fish in it and breaded shrimp. All great. Even did hot wings in it snd they were excellent.

    A worthwhile investment in our case.

  5. We held a dinner party for two other couples this week and chose to cook nearly everything from scratch. We made 2 desserts, the salsa, the guacamole, the tortillas (yes it was a mexican themed night!). Not only was it really tasty, I felt like we accomplished something, and it was cheaper than buying pre-made items. Also, dining in with friends is much cheaper than going out to restaurants.

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