This week’s frugal eating plan

As I have been having fun this week using up the grape harvest, this week we will be mainly eating grape jelly! I haven’t made any jam for ages. In truth, I hadn’t even thought about preserving grapes in this way, but someone suggested it on Facebook, so I thought ‘Why not?’ I love pottering around in the kitchen when I have the time and I really didn’t want to waste them. This week’s frugal meal plan continues to use up odds and ends and keep waste to a minimum.

Frugal eatingI am determined to have an easy week though, so won’t be doing major cooking whilst I am working.

This week’s frugal eating meal plan


Frugal eatingLeftovers from my dinner party: Cashew nut and mushroom loaf, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy. Apple and almond pudding with home made custard.


Smoked mackerel with new potatoes and salad.


frugal eating

Tuna penne with black olives. I will make enough of this to eat on Tuesday too. We will have this with carrot salad as we have a large bag in the fridge.


As above. I can save my energy to do a bit of yoga or just chill with a glass of wine :).


We have various odds and ends of fish in the freezer and a can of anchovies in the cupboard. I think I will make Delia Smith’s utterly delicious baked fish with potatoes. A simple but filling and tasty dish.


A risotto ‘ready meal’ from a large batch cooked last week and stored in the freezer, with whatever veg or salad needs using.


frugal eatingWe always seem to have at least one meal based around eggs. I just love them in any form, but will probably have them fried with some home made chips from my Air Fryer . I am still using this regularly and it really does make lovely chips!

Are you going for frugal eating this week? What is on your meal plan?

This week I am linking up with Katy Kicker. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look at her blog. For more of my tips on meal planning, try  this post.

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8 thoughts on “This week’s frugal eating plan

  1. We are going for a week using up items in our cupboards and freezers! It’s saved me a whole weeks money over the two weeks so far, which is great. Thanks for linking up x

  2. I’m having leftovers on Monday of beef & broccoli on some rice. Then I’m going to make a pot of chicken & rice soup – broth is already made. That will make a few simple meals this week combined with some tuna salad that’s already in the fridge. There’s also enough greens in the fridge for a couple of salads (hard boiled eggs as the protein) so I think it will be a very easy week of simple meals. If I feel up to it I might bake a couple of pieces of salmon later in the week.

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