Frugal beauty products that last and last…

Frugal beautyLast April I blogged about buying a solid deodorant bar from Lush. Ten months on, it is still going strong! I have occasionally used a roll on deodorant on hot, sticky days but other than that I have used the Lush one. Not bad for a £5.50 investment. I will definitely be purchasing another one of these when it eventually runs out. As well as being a frugal beauty product it has less plastic packaging.

It made me think about other health and beauty products that seem to last forever. One I tried and really wanted to get on with (but didn’t) was a Mooncup. I love the idea that these produce no waste and, after the initial investment, cost nothing. However, I didn’t find it comfortable to wear. I also tried washable sanitary pads and these lasted quite a long time, but were awkward when I was out and about so I eventually gave up on those.

Making hairdryers last

I make my hairdryers last for years – in the past I have gone through them in under 12 months. Now I make sure I buy one with a two year guarantee and never use it on full power, as this is what makes them blow. My current one is four years old but I hope it will keep going for a while yet. I do blow dry my hair every couple of days so work it quite hard.

I have had the same plastic hairbrush for ever – easily 15 years I should think. I remember brushing my daughters’ hair with it when they were younger. It’s practically a family heirloom!

I make other things last too. I have been known to water down shampoo, shower gel and conditioner, I squeeze the last drop of toothpaste out of the tube by snipping the top off and the same with foundation. I found that putting a little baby oil on the mascara wand as it neared the end made it last ages longer.

Do you have any frugal beauty products that are reusable or that just seem to last and last? Do you dilute products to extend their use?

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  1. Good morning. I absolutely love your blog and enjoy getting my daily dose as well as reading all the comments. It’s good to know that others feel the same way about things as I do. My deodorant is called Ice Guard and costs about £5 and it lasts for years. I bought mine from Holland and Barrett. Basically it’s a mineral stick. It just needs to bet dampened with water, so straight after a shower is good, or run some water over the top. It’s brilliant and lasts for ever….unless you drop it. I also use a massive bottle of Body Shop olive shower gel, 1 pump is plenty. Bought it from an outlet store, much cheaper, ditto body butter olive. Keep writing,so inspiring. Thank you.

  2. I love the Clinique cleanser bar.
    It is expensive to buy but mine has lasted me nearly a year now and I still have over 3/4 left (I also cut it into two so only half is getting wet each time as that makes it last longer) Whereas I would get through a regular squirty face wash every 1-2 mths.
    I also switched from handwash to a bar of soap. Bought a 4 pack of baby soap from boots in oct and have only just finished 1 bar. Whereas we would get through a hand wash pack every 2 weeks. (I still use anti bac handwash in the kitchen for handling meat)
    Also had my ghd straightners for 9yrs. My hairdryer is around 10yrs old. Our fridge is also 10yrs, freezer and washing machine are both 9yrs. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  3. I too thought about a “Mooncup” but thought it’d be too messy when out at work. Didn’t think I’d still need to be thinking about sanitary products at nearly 53!
    I find my concealer sticks last for years. It’s probably not wise to use but my current one bought back in my non-frugal days (YSL) must easily be about 15 years old by now! Still using it as well!

  4. Oh, that made me laugh! I thought it was a bleached potato or something weird!
    My hairbrush is very old, too, a Denman plastic one which gets a regular wash. Indeed, I soak it in a bleach/water solution and it comes up beautifully clean. I also wash my hair every day, so my hairdryer gets a lot of use and I had my last one for donkey’s years, so long I can’t remember, but it actually blew up on me a few months ago – fortunately, I wasn’t hurt – and the new one is OK, much lighter and smaller (a Remington) but the cable (or is it a flex?) isn’t all that long and as I stand up to dry my hair and I’m only five foot two, I wonder how tall people get on as it wouldn’t stretch to above their heads! I don’t water down shampoo but I do make sure that when the last drop is there, then I take the top off the bottle and add some water to get the last bit out. I think – or rather, I hope – most sensible people have methods of making things last that little bit longer.
    Margaret P

  5. I have discovered some natural soaps at our largest grocers here that are relatively cheap and last a long time, so switched from liquid hand soap. I’ve never heard of Lush, must see if it is available here. Thanks!

  6. I received a gift of a pedicure set which has a battery operated foot file more than ten years ago (I know this because it was bought by my son’s then girlfriend and he hasn’t been with her in ten years). I use it at least once a week and it is still running on the same set of batteries!! My hairdryer is somewhere in the 10-12 years old bracket.
    I use ‘Faith in Nature’ solid crystal deodorants and find that they last about 8 months. They cost around £3.95 so I’m happy with that.
    As a cleanser I have been using Garnier Micellar water for the past two years. It is brilliant with eye make up and costs £2.99 (if you buy it in Savers rather than Boots) and lasts around 4 months.

  7. What’s a hair dryer? Haven’t used one in donkey’s years. I leave it to dry on it’s own and that saves time and money (all year round). Same for hair brush or comb-fingers do the job for me!
    Don’t wear makeup so that saves on plastic and money too.
    Okay, so I do sound like a frump-but I am not really. Just lucky with my skin type and have naturally curly hair.

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