Five frugal things in sunny Norfolk

Five frugal thingsThis week’s five frugal things is on location!

We have just returned from a week in North Norfolk. We were mostly blessed with fine, sunny weather, although it was chilly on the coast.

It is a beautiful county and there is so much to do. We will go back for sure as we ran out of time.

Taking a packed lunch every day

We stocked up on rolls, crisps and fruit and took a picnic every day. A flask and water too. We were glad of this on several occasions when we saw the queues and the prices at some of the places we visited.

Cooking at the cottage

As I mentioned in last week’s meal planning post, I had a rough plan for food. We cooked most of our dinners in our cute self catered cottage. This saved loads of money and meant we could have a couple of holiday beers and not worry about one of us having to drive.

Five frugal thingsWe had two evening meals out during our week away. The first illustrated why we don’t eat out very much.

I really resent paying £15 for a dinner that turns out to be mediocre, as this did. If I have a professional chef cooking for me I want the food to be better than I could manage myself.

Mr S had a piece of lamb that looked nice but was half gristle. I had skate that tasted like it had been just fried in a bit of butter. Both ok-ish but less than special.

The portions were quite small too. Having had a busy day we were starving when we went in. We still felt hungry when we came out! We didn’t bother with pudding though and had a piece of cake back at the cottage.

Fortunately the second meal was really nice. We had that with my parents and daughter, who joined us mid week.

Choosing our attractions

Five frugal thingsObviously we have a holiday budget. Being careful with our money on holiday doesn’t mean not spending it at all.

We went to two stunningly beautiful stately homes. Norfolk is full of them! We chose Holkham Hall and Sandringham. They both cost around £15 to get in but were fantastic value. There is so much to see and do at both. We spent a full day at each and really got our money’s worth.

I will write a full review of these fine houses in the next week or so.

Life’s a beach

Five frugal thingsEven if you don’t have a heat wave, a beach is such a good place to unwind. We both love being by the sea. An evening walk at Holkham beach was our highlight. It has the biggest sky of anywhere! You walk through a pinewood to find a long expanse of sand with the sea off in the distance. The water, when we got to it, was warm enough for a paddle too. Gorgeous.

The kids would have loved it when they were small, Collecting shells, making sandcastles and running through the sand dunes. Magic. A visit to the beach cost us nothing except £2 for parking.

Stocking up at Lidl

You have got to love the discount supermarkets and we were delighted to spot a Lidl when we collected my parents from Norwich station. We nipped in and stocked up on picnic food, a couple of dinners and some drinks for the cottage. Lidl sell a decent bottle of Cava for around a fiver!So we managed our five frugal things even though we were on holiday.

How has your week been?As ever, I am linking up with  Cass Emma  and Becky in this week’s Five Frugal Things I have done this Week linky.

7 thoughts on “Five frugal things in sunny Norfolk

  1. What a fantastic looking holiday! You did really well with getting so much in on a budget, and those stately homes looked like just my kind of afternoon out. 🙂

  2. So glad you had a great week away, Jane! Norfolk is lovely, we’ve only been once – it’s a bit of a trek from Devon! – but we always remember how spacious it is, and without motorways as you only go to Suffolk and Norfolk if those counties are your destination, you don’t go through them to go elsewhere. We also visited Sandringham (Chris’s cousin’s property bordered the Sandringham estate – he was a grain farmer before retirement). Indeed we had an unusual experience. On the way home from Norfolk we stopped at a B&B in the Cotswolds. It was just on spec and was actually the 3rd B&B we had tried – we could’ve driven all the way back to Devon, but fancied an overnight stop and this one seemed fine. The next morning when I signed a cheque for our stay (they didn’t take cards) the owner, on seeing our name, said, “You wouldn’t be related to …” and with that he mentioned my husband’s cousin, the grain farmer, and we said yes, we were related to him, with which he said, “Oh, I used to work with him!” Of all the places in the Cotswolds to end up, and we were in a place where the owner knew my husband’s cousin!
    Margaret P

  3. Norfolk looks beautiful, I’ve never been but I think I’d like to now . Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  4. Not long back from Norfolk ourselves, we had a picnic on the grounds just outside Norwich cathedral. Although ours was a £3 meal deal from Gregg’s that we shared.
    We also went to Horsey gap, £3 to park the car and a lovely walk to see the seals, highlight of my holiday.
    I was very disappointed eating out, everything was with chips, that’s if they were serving food at all. I ended up buying a marks and Spencer meal deal with a voucher as there was more choice.
    I love Norfolk we bought a Groupon a few years ago, had a fabulous stay and a few weeks afterwards there was a photo of William and Kate sitting having a meal at the very same table we ate our Groupon tasting menu.

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