Five frugal things for an eco-friendly week

This week’s five frugal things post has a green flavour  – we have had an eco-friendly week!

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‘New’ boots

five frugal things

I wrote a post this week about why I buy a lot of second hand clothes. My best bargain recently was actually found by my mum. A pair of totally comfy, excellent quality Hotter ankle boots for £1!

I love Hotter footwear but it’s expensive new, so I was really happy with these. Ok, they aren’t high fashion, but I prefer comfort!

More shoe shopping

My daughter recently discovered a brilliant charity shop locally. It sells everything for £1. She went in during the week and bought a whole carrier bag of shoes in really good condition. She is selling the trendy ones on Mercari and gave me the slightly frumpier ones to sell on eBay. Another pair of Hotter shoes, loafers this time, some brand new court shoes from Next and a pair of Kickers shoes that look as if they have only been worn a couple of times.

I think it is craziness that people buy these things and never wear them, but their loss is our gain.

Avoiding the plastic

five frugal things

For some time we have been trying to reduce the amount of plastic coming into the house. It is disappointingly difficult! I wrote a post on how frustrated this was making me in  Dreaming of a plastic free life.

My resolve was strengthened by the BBC programme this week Drowning in Plastic. If you missed it I urge you to watch it on the BBC iPlayer. It is a harrowing and quite distressing wake up call to all of us and made me so angry. We have to stop using plastic in the way that we currently do and manufacturers will only listen when we, as consumers, show our displeasure and stop buying so many products packaged in plastic, especially the non-recyclable stuff.

I have been searching for a fortnight for tomato ketchup that wasn’t in a plastic bottle and finally found one last night. Sainsbury’s came up trumps, with their own brand sauce in a glass bottle for just 80p. Since it is so hard to find, I bought two!

And cutting back the chemicals

five frugal things

The other thing I have been working towards to make us a more eco-friendly household is to reduce the chemicals in the cleaning products we use. Annoyingly, they are generally more expensive. However, Sainsbury’s helped again, with Ecover toilet cleaner on offer for £1 a bottle. Again, I bought two!

This did come in a plastic bottle, but at least it is recyclable.

Lunch out

five frugal things

OK, lunch out isn’t that frugal. However, I had a day off on Monday so we decided to take a walk up the Essex coast, from Dovercourt to Harwich. We found a lovely pub called the Alma, where we had a sandwich each, which came with chips and 3 little side salads. It was just £5.55 each, which I thought was a great price.

You have to have the odd treat! Old Harwich is lovely actually, if you are passing.

So that is this week’s five frugal things. What have you achieved this week?

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11 thoughts on “Five frugal things for an eco-friendly week

  1. My husband’s aunt and uncle lived in Dovercourt and he and his brother were taken there by their parents to spend summer holidays – from one seaside to another! We’re talking the 1940s, though, just after the war, but he has such happy memories of having shrimps to eat there! I went once with him to stay with his aunt and uncle, but haven’t much memory of the place ,but there again, I’m talking about the summer of 1962 – Marilyn Monroe died while we were there, it was on the News and in the papers, so that is one of my strongest memories of that time.
    But a little lunch out like this is a well-deserved treat, like our children’s portions of fish & chips at Rockfish, £7 each and it comes with mushy peas, too!
    Love your ‘new’ boots. My sister in law once gave me a pair of black ankle boots (lace up, like yours) that were by Bally and brand new – they were just too small for her. I’m still using them occasionally more than 25 years later! It pays to buy quality, even if it’s 2nd hand. But I’ve harped on about this long and often; buy fewer things but make them good ones.
    Margaret P

  2. I bought some hotter shoes still with the label and in the original box in a charity shop a couple of years ago. I get lots of compliments on them. On the other hand this year I bought some Ecco ankle boots which looked unworn also in a charity shop. I took them on holiday and wore them once and the soles disintegrated. My friend who is an avid thrifter said she has had the same happen as the shoes have been stored unworn for a long time and just dry out. It is the first time that has happened to me so I will go on looking for shoe bargains. Yours are lovely and your lunch looks delicious.

  3. I love Hotter Shoes – we don’t have a shop here so have to order online through the UK website. Yes, very expensive but I can get a wider fitting and they have lasted really well so I’m not complaining. But it would certainly be nice to find them for that price!

    The only time I’ve eaten out this week was during today’s trip to IKEA – had a lovely bowl of soup and a coffee for my lunch. I had been running around all morning and knew I had things that had to be done at home this afternoon so it was a nice little break. Otherwise I’ve eaten at home all week and did a lot of cooking from scratch.

    I’ve recycled and donated a few other items as I continue to purge so at least I’m making headway.
    Continued to make good use of the library, including taking a computer course there this week.
    I use vinegar and baking soda for much of my cleaning and bleach only if it’s a tough job.
    I agree that it is very difficult to avoid plastic these days – luckily I can recycle most of it but I would like some options – tins would work for many things and be safer than glass for some uses – my Nivea face cream has come in a tin for the last few years so why can’t shampoo come that way? It’s not easy to avoid the stuff!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that my sister has just told me about the new Eco range from Wilko. The prices seem really low too!

  5. I was very frugal this week. Very. I finally went shopping after 2 frugal weeks, which weren’t truly frugal as other people were spending money on me, because it was birthday fortnight, and I seemed to be taken out to eat, a lot. And get presents.

  6. When I worked in a shoe shop which sold expensive shoes (men’s as much as £300 a pair) I learned that Leather and rubber dry out and become brittle. If they are then worn thy will disintegrate. All that’s needed to make shoes and boots last is a regular polish and to wear them. By polish, I mean a good wax rather than spraying them.

  7. I’m so jealous of your Hotter shoes bargains – I love Hotter but they’re definitely on the pricey side so I can’t indulge often. 😉

    I’m also really trying to reduce plastic and use more sustainable things but it’s not as easy as it should be is it?

    Thanks so much for joining in with #fivefrugalthings this week x x

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