Five Frugal Things 26th August 

I have had the busiest of weeks. Very productive, though – I have done loads! Sometimes life is like that. I am sure I have managed five frugal things and more. Here are my top frugal achievements.

1. Website of the week

Website of the weekI suppose you could argue that this wasn’t really an example of frugality, but it did showcase our thrifty lifestyle. I was in the Sun newspaper! Shoestring Cottage was Mrs Crunch’s website of the week. I was really chuffed about this. I never thought I would be featured in a national newspaper.

I was also recently featured on a lovely blog, a Beautiful Space. You can check that out here.

2. Hosted a frugal party

five frugal thingsWe had a gathering of the clans yesterday – a lovely sunny party in the garden. It was a lot of work as there were 20 of us. How do you host such a party without breaking the bank? Fortunately my family made some contributions of cakes, a sausage plait and a home made coleslaw, plus everyone brought drinks.

I went to Aldi for almost all my ingredients and used a lot of garden produce as well. A huge moussaka, courgette and tomato bake, quiches and various salads all went down well with the hungry hoards. I bought beer and prosecco from Aldi too, as the prices are so good in there.

It was a fabulous day and so nice to catch up with everybody.

3. A bit of DIY

I have been meaning to spruce up the lodger’s room before the new one arrives. The garden has taken up so much of my spare time I hadn’t had a chance. So I took the day off work on Wednesday and painted all the woodwork. I still have to emulsion the walls some time but it already looks so much brighter. A can of one coat gloss cost just £15 in Homebase and there is still loads left. You don’t have to spend much to smarten up a room.

4. Another Aldi bargain

Darling daughter and I are both lactose intolerant and usually drink Lactofree milk. This costs anywhere between £1.35 and £1.55 a litre, although I sometimes find it on offer for £1 and stock up.

I was really happy to hear that Aldi now sell a version. It is only £1.15, which is a great price. I know where I will be buying this from now on. I won’t have to go hunting for the nearest place where I don’t have to take out a mortgage to buy the stuff!

Food intolerances can be expensive. At least we don’t have to eat gluten free as on of my guests did yesterday.

5. Using up the veg

five frugal thingsWe had so much veg in the house I made a cheap and extremely easy vegetable bake. I sautéed  some courgettes and celery, then added cooked potatoes, sweet corn and carrots. Finally,  I smothered it all in a cheese sauce and topped it with tomatoes and more grated cheese. Then I baked it for about half an hour and it was delicious with some crusty bread and home grown runner beans.

I love this kind of easy, thrifty dinner, which often makes it onto my five frugal things list.  I made enough for two meals. We had it the following evening with some bakes chicken.

I also froze the excess runner beans, which are now arriving at an alarming pace! It is great to think we will still be eating our own produce as we move towards winter.

All in all, a satisfying week and it was easy to achieve my five frugal things. What have your frugal achievements been this week? Let me know in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 26th August 

  1. Lovely news about your blog being featured in the press. What do you use instead of cheese for you and your daughter to manage your lactose intolerance? I am always looking out for recipes, as a friend’s young grandaughter, like her mum, also needs lactose free food.Your party looked fun-it’s nice to entertain family and friends, especially if you can sit in the garden. Catriona

      • Thanks. We have lived with life threatening allery to peanuts for 42 years (daughter) so I am quite vigilant about anything I think may harm anyone. We have also become good at substitutions eg applesauce instead of bananas (allergy too) and have always had to insist on latex free gloves at medical procedures. This wee lass is still breast fed at 18months old but of course the time is coming when she will be wanting/needing to try other foods which often contain hidden lactose. I use rice milk and oatmilk on my porridge as I just don’t really enjoy milk at all. Hope you’re having a more restful weekend today with the holiday. Catriona

  2. Oh, congratulations on being in The Sun (well, on being in a national newspaper, not sure about this red top, ha ha, but it certainly gives your blog a lot of publicity and how lovely to have been chosen as a top frugality blog, something I will never be … well, hardly, the way I buy books, ha ha! But in mitigation, most of them are 2nd hand which is recycling, is it not? )
    I am all for sprucing things up inexpensively, although last year our bedroom needed serious make-over; well, it hadn’t been decorated for 28 years, so I think even Frugal Jane would conceded to a new carpet and new curtains as well as some of the old furniture being painted! We always put the money where we see the most value (a good carpet, good material for the curtains which are also lined for winter warmth) so it was really an investment in our home rather than spending money frivolously.
    Margaret P

  3. Congratulations on your newspaper article. It’s great that the garden is still providing meals as the days get shorter and Autumn arrives. Although this week’s weather in Essex looks glorious perhaps we will have that Indian summer after all.

  4. The family get-together sounds like great fun, and it probably felt even better knowing that everyone chipped in and shared. You’ve had a great frugal week 🙂

  5. Thanks for the tip about the milk. Will definitely be stocking up. That is much cheaper than what I am currently paying for lactose free milk.

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