How to get your five a day on a budget 

A basket of fruit showing you can have five a day on a budgetWe eat very cheaply here at Shoestring Cottage. However, not at the expense of our health, so we always eat our five a day on a budget. In fact, we eat a lot more than five portions of fruit and vegetables. I have around eight most days because I eat a lot of fruit. This has become easier since I gave up sugar. (Well, I have had the odd lapse but I have eaten very little, but that’s a post for another day!).

Check out your local market

It isn’t difficult to eat your five a day on a budget. There are so many ways to get some extra fruit and veg into your diet without breaking the bank. In the past when I was saving money I purchased from the greengrocer’s stall at the local market. If you have a good market and the time to get there this is still brilliant value. Now that I work so much I have little time to go into town, so I tend to get my fruit and veg from the discount supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi. Their specials are excellent. I also look out for yellow sticker reductions if I can get to a store later in the day. I always freeze these or use them up straight away. 

Canned, dried and frozen count towards your five a day on a budget

This includes canned tomatoes, sweet corn and pulses. We always have these in the larder. Canned veg such as peas, mushrooms and carrots are really inexpensive and quite good in casseroles.

Pulses can replace some of the more expensive meat in dishes like bolognese – who will notice a few lentils thickening the sauce? Or you can leave the meat out all together and have a mix of beans in a chilli sauce over your rice. How about a can of chick peas in with your chicken curry?

Canned fruit can be more expensive, but fruit cocktail and peaches are reasonable and make a nice dessert with a bit of custard. If they come in syrup I tend to wash this off – too much sugar!

Dried fruits are also worth considering in small quantities . A little pack of raisins in your lunchbox can be nice if you fancy something sweet and I have them on my porridge instead of sugar.

Another small treat I enjoy that count as one of my five a day on a budget is an Aldi Foodie Market raw fruit bar. They consist of cold pressed squished fruit and are around 90 calories a bar. I love the black currant and cherry flavours particularly. They cost £1.49 for a box of five. Much cheaper than a chocolate bar and so much healthier!

How do you get your five a day on a budget?

6 thoughts on “How to get your five a day on a budget 

  1. Re the raisins, as for all dried fruits you wish to take in a lunch box, don’t buy the small packets, but buy a large one (i.e. those for cake making) and decant into a small plastic box each day. Saving on cardboard which has to be re-cycled in the process, too. Just a thought!
    Love the sounds of those fruit bars from Aldi. We have an Aldi fairly close to us but we’ve only been in there once about a year ago. Might try it again. We ‘do’ Lidl for cleaning products and coffee and fresh salmon and Waitrose for much of the food and the Co-op for its lovely bread.
    Margaret P

  2. Hi! Going to be a party pooper here but I understood that those raw fruit bars are VERY high in sugar? I read somewhere that they contained more sugar than a KitKat!! It might have been in the Daily Mail so perhaps should be taken with more than a pinch of salt! We eat a lot of frozen berries – delicious!

    • They are very sweet but naturally so. No refined sugar so fine for the odd treat and nutritionally much better than something hugely calorific but with little nutrition like a Mars bar or something. Full of fibre too

  3. i do like fruit but I don’t eat all that much. – usually some with porridge for breakfast. I like raspberries best. Generally I prefer vegetables, which are usually cheaper anyway. I like pulses too (apart from chickpeas) and often sneak extra ones into things. We especially eat lots of peppers, tomatoes and onions.

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