What went well in February: my monthly money wins

February may be a short month, but I am happy with my monthly money wins so far. Here is what went well in February here at Shoestring Cottage.

Monthly money wins


monthly money wins

I have continued to buy a few extra non perishable groceries as an insurance policy in case Brexit leaves the shelves empty and prices soaring. Creating a Brexit stockpile may not be necessary at all, but it can’t hurt. We will use the food anyway and won’t have to worry about any last minute panic buying.

Even in the pharmacy today, when I joked about stockpiling my medication, the pharmacist said not to worry, as they have been doing that for some time. Good to know!

I try not to be too political on this blog, but honestly. What an absolute and utter mess. None of the parties are going to come out of this looking good. All we can do as the little people is plan ahead and be as self sufficient as possible.

Jumble sale haul

monthly money wins

Darling daughter no 1 took me to a jumble sale last Saturday. I hadn’t been to a good old jumblie for years and years! You rarely see them advertised now. We got so many clothes and other items for hardly anything. Most things were selling for 10 or 20p. As it was a fundraiser, I felt they should have charged more, and actually paid more than they were asking for a couple of things. I am particularly pleased with this beautiful art glass vase. I paid 50p but checked on the internet and found it was worth at least £50. It’s stunning.

monthly money wins

I also found this really cute red owl handbag for 20p. Love it – so cheery!

Free haircut

As I mentioned in this post, I had a free haircut a couple of weeks ago. A salon was advertising for clients for their trainees. I am happy with the hair cut but not the time it took. Nearly 2 and a half hours! I may go again, but not whilst I am still suffering from a trapped nerve. Luckily it wasn’t too bad whilst I was there or it would have been agonising!

Home made cleaning product

monthly money wins

I decided not to waste some lemon rinds when I baked a cake and transformed them into a home made lemon cleaning spray. It is excellent! It works better than straight vinegar and smells more pleasant too. You can find the recipe here.

More adventurous budget cooking

meal plan

Aubergine and chick pea tagine

I don’t think that you have to spend a lot of money to eat well, particularly if you keep meat and fish to a minimum. As I have been off sick and home more, I have had the chance to mess around with recipes. The two I enjoyed the most this month were both vegan: creamy coconut lentil dahl (my absolute favourite) and  aubergine and chick pea tagine. Neither were too fiddly – I am still suffering quite a lot of pain at various points during the day, so I can’t be doing with slaving over a hot stove for hours.

Money off a festival

I managed to negotiate 10% off an amazing festival for Shoestring Cottage readers, the Green Gathering in Chepstow in August. You can find out about the event and how to get the discount here. This is the favourite of my monthly money wins. It is a festival that lives up to its name, powered by wind and solar with the aim of minimising waste. There are also some excellent acts playing and loads of other stuff to see and do. I can’t wait.

Cheap holiday

As Chepstow is almost in Wales, we decided to take a few more days and visit Pembrokeshire after. We nearly always go to our favourite Machynlleth, so it was time for a change.

To save  money on accommodation, we scoured AirB&B and found a cute little place not too far from Tenby. It is a detached guest suite and is costing £28 a night! For the two of us! Honestly, AirB&B is by far the cheapest way to travel if you don’t want to camp. We will have had enough of living under canvas by the end of the festival and will be looking forward to a few home comforts. I hope they don’t mind us turning up looking a bit wild and dirty!

Do you have any monthly money wins for February?

Disclosure: the link to AirB&B is my refer a friend link and I will receive money off my next trip if you use it. Thanks if you do!


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