More DIY hair cutting

DIY hair cuttingMy daughter watched my recent efforts at DIY hair cutting with horror. She was sure it would all go horribly wrong! When it didn’t she agreed to let me cut hers. She has the most beautiful hair in generally excellent condition, but it had a few split ends and was so long it was getting in her way.

DIY hair cuttingWe watched a couple of You Tube videos where long hair was pulled into a very tight pony tail at the front of the head, and a lump was taken off which created layers. There are a lot of folk practising DIY hair cutting it seems.

DIY hair cutting

We decided to be quite cautious and only took 3 inches off this time. It is still very long but looks a bit neater. We will take more off next time but first I will purchase a better pair of hairdressing scissors. The ones I have were sharp enough for my hair but not sharp enough for her very thick locks. I have quite a lot of points on my Boots card so I am hoping this will cover it! More DIY hair cutting may follow!

DIY hair cuttingA  kitchen let down

I don’t know when we all stopped eating bananas, but I had a pile of black ones this week to use up plus some I had put in the freezer. A recipe from Nigella Lawson’s  How to be Domestic  Goddess for banana muffins looked promising. However, I wish I had stuck to the usual recipe I use as these were just weird: chewy and bland. The recipe uses no eggs or sugar, although it does include honey. They are ok if you cut them open and smear a bit of jam on, but not my favourite! Disappointed, Nigella!

Happy Sunday everyone! Anyone else done any DIY hair cutting?

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  1. Well done on the hair cutting!
    As for the bananas …
    Well, I find that the best way to use up ‘black’ bananas is either in a banana milk shake (just add to milk and whiz up) or a banana and walnut loaf. What a shame these didn’t turn our as you’d hoped.
    Margaret P

  2. When I saw the bobble with the cut-off hair I thought it looked a lot! On looking at your daughter’s lovely hair in the “after” photo, it’s still very long. I think it’s easier to trim long hair rather than a short style. I sometimes get hubby to trim mine at the back.

  3. Love banana cake. The vegan banana loaf recipe in Monroe’s ” A girl called Jack” is really nice. I especially like the fact that it only uses 50g of sugar as I like to keep the sugar content low. I add sultanas too. Although it is in the bread section, I think it is very cake-like.

    The most hair cutting I have ever attempted is the odd fringe cutting when my children were small. You are very brave. So is your daughter!

  4. That is one thing I cannot do–haircutting. I go to a discount shop and pay a reduced rate of $10 per haircut with a card I’ve purchased in advance. They are good with short dos like mine. I go about every two months. I don’t do much baking. The last from scratch muffins I attempted would have been great pucks for a hockey team!

  5. A while ago I went from long hair to shoulder-length. The hairdresser did it exactly the same way as you – he cut off a ponytail and then tidied it up. Am sure it cost me about £60 for the cut! I’ve been cutting my own hair for about 3 years now, and have even mastered layering and fringe, thx to y/tube of course. Happy with my hair for now because I can’t afford any other option, but i do intend to go and get the split ends dealt with by a professional at the end of the year.. it’s one of my saving goals. I reckon that diy hair is not the best idea long-term without the occasional bit of help, especially dealing with those tricky bits at the back!

  6. Saw that ponytail hack and i cringed. I used to have layers, but it left my braids looking straggly at the ends. My hair isnt quite as long as your daughter’s, but hers is quite lovely and the ends didn’t look straggly after your big snip. In the first photo, I noticed the hair on the left side of her head was longer than the right. Mine is the opposite, the hair on the right side of my head seems to grow faster. My husband always tells me to sit straight when he trims my hair and he checks it in front to be sure it is even. I thought I was weird that my hair grows that way, but I was told each hair grows at it’s own rate, not necessarily all together, so it is important for me to have hubby trim my ends every couple months to keep them even, and the last time he trimmed my hair, it was about 1/2″ longer on the right side again.

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