Sun protection – it doesn’t cost much to get a tan 


holiday essentialsMy favourite sun protection cream

Regular readers will know that we are on holiday at the moment. There are lots of very sunburnt people here. I don’t understand this. It’s so dangerous and bad for your skin. Too much and you soon look like a piece of old leather! Not attractive! You can get good sun protection very cheaply, so there is no excuse.

I really like this one from Boots as it isn’t greasy or highly perfumed. I am using SP 15 but probably need 20. I am putting lots on frequently.  It cost £4, plus you get the Boots points, of course!

I drink a lot of water and wear a hat as well. I am quite fair and I don’t want to get sunstroke.

Faking it

If you really want a tan, you can always fake it! That’s what I do 😀😀. I have found this one pretty good, Soltan instant gel – Boots again. I use a mitt to apply it and get Mr S to do my back. Boots sun products are three for two at the moment so I got my mitt for free. You still need to use sun protection cream on top, of course.

Mr S doesn’t need to worry about getting burnt and already has a tan. He still uses sun protection though. I think he looks like a handsome Simon Cowell lookalike!

holiday essentialsWe are sitting at the port of Cala D’or having coffee and looking at the yachts. It’s very pretty here. We also had a walk up the coastal path yesterday which gave us absolutely stunning views of the sea.

All in all, it is perfectly chilled. It’s nice not to be rushing around and I am surprisingly good at doing sod all 😀.

Off for another wander. Have a good day.


6 thoughts on “Sun protection – it doesn’t cost much to get a tan 

    • We finally found hot water to make our own but we have found him to be quite a good alternative

  1. Lovely photo of you on the rocks. And yes, I have thought before that Mr S. has a look of Simon Cowell about him! I’m sure he is much nicer.
    I use factor 30 as I am very fair, and I wear a hat a lot of the time too. I do use a light fake tan on my legs in the summer; I like a wash off one. I have been using Sunshimmer (now by Rimmel but used to be under the brand name of Coty) since I was 18. I tried Sally Hansen airbrushed legs last year as my daughter gave it to me. It was good but more expensive so I went back to Sunshimmer though.
    Holiday looks fab – keep enjoying!

  2. Puerto Pollensa is absolutely stunning and the views from the highest rocks over the sea are stunning. I love Majorca there are so many beautiful little places to visit. I wear different factors as I go through the holiday. Factor 60 on my face!

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