Time for a spring clean? Cashing in your clutter

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Time for a spring cleanThe days are getting longer. We have had a couple of chilly but bright and sunny days. I think the season is finally changing and it makes me feel like having a spring clean.

We have a head start on the weather; regular readers will be aware that we have been decluttering! As we were renovating the lounge, it was essential. We have cleared bags and bags of books, CDs, DVDs and general clutter. Some has gone off to the charity shop and other items have been listed on eBay and Ziffit.

Decluttering goals

One of my goals for 2018 is a bigger decluttering/spring clean project – the attic! It is chock full of ‘stuff’. This is why I keep putting it off. I intend to make a bit of money selling some of the items up there. I know there are some interesting bits and pieces. We don’t use them, so somebody else might as well.

I need to break it up a bit and clear a small section at a time, to motivate me to get going on my spring clean.

The sheds are another potential decluttering project. We have loads of bikes and bits of pieces of furniture that could be sold to add to our emergency fund. I can’t actually remember what is at the back as these items are buried. I hope there aren’t too many huge spiders!

Turn your spring clean into money

I might consider selling larger items with an auction house such as BPI Auctions. They deal with private individuals as well as company auctions. If I was in the market for a new kitchen I would definitely be looking on there. They have some amazing looking ex-display kitchens. But I am not buying, I am selling!

I am also considering a boot sale. If you are decluttering, the Easter weekend is a good time to sell. I need to see if we will have enough items to make a boot sale worthwhile then. If not, it can wait until the summer.

Save yourself a trip to the tip

I use Freecycle and Facebook Marketplace when I want to give large items away. We had a rusty and very heavy old cross trainer that would have been a pain to get down the tip. It wouldn’t even have fitted in the car. A very nice gent was extremely happy to come and take it off my hands when I put it on Facebook. It was a win-win!

Facebook Marketplace is also a good place to advertise items you want to sell. The advantage of this over eBay is that there are no fees. I discussed the eBay versus Facebook for selling here.

Anybody else up for a spring clean and declutter? You can read about my decluttering story here.

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2 thoughts on “Time for a spring clean? Cashing in your clutter

  1. Even if, like me, you have nothing to sell, it’s always good to have a clean-out of things, a freshen-up for spring, or to use that over-worked word of the moment, to ‘curate’ our belongings. I got rid of all our DVDs long ago when DVDs joined typewriters on the rubbish heap of discarded technology (but I’m sure one day they’ll make a come-back, just a vinyl records have done, although vinyl is ‘cool’ – another word I dislike unless it means temperature – again and I don’t think tapes will ever have that cache! Charity shops no longer want DVDs as people don’t have DVD players any more. They went the way of cassette players (even though our ancient stereo system still plays cassettes and so we’ve kept ours!)

    I need to weed my bookshelves – this happens about every three years – but instead of selling the books they will go to my favourite charity shop to make money for a very good cause (our local hospice). But, as I say, giving our homes a good spruce up is always good, regardless of whether we make any money out of our discarded belongings. And if we can make some money, that’s a bonus.
    Margaret P

  2. I do that too, Margaret. I had a big biff out recently due to moving where I shall be sharing a home with a sister. Now that I have moved my belongings to new abode, I have realised with horror that there is no room for my sister and her “stuff”, so ……. another bigger trip to the hospice is due. And, I thought that I had few belongings.. what a joke!! I know many people of many ages who constantly downsize, it looks like it’s getting more & more into society. So your blog, Jane, is so helpful & inspiring.

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