Pauper’s Spanish Omelette

Last night’s Pauper’s Spanish omelette was a big success. As ever, if I can produce something quick, tasty, cheap and delicious I am happy. I hardly ever spend long cooking, unless I am entertaining. However that is rare theses days as it can be an expensive business.

Pauper's Spanish omelettePauper’s Spanish omelette

For two people I chopped up half a green pepper and sautéed it gently with 6 chopped mushrooms. I also used 10 small potatoes from a tin from Aldi, sliced. These cost 15p and are incredibly useful – I am sure they must be cheaper than fresh. I will use the rest up in a casserole.

I whizzed up two eggs for each of us in separate jugs with salt and pepper and a little milk then added half of the vegetables to each. I decided to make two separate omelettes rather than one big one as they cook more quickly, but you could do it in a big frying pan if you are making this for more people. I cooked them gently in a small frying pan and when nearly set I added a handful I grated cheese to each and finished them off under a hot grill.

This pauper’s Spanish omelette is perfect for a quick and easy frugal tea.

A rainy Sunday

Today we had planned a drive out somewhere as the girls are all doing their own thing. However it is currently pouring, despite the forecast saying dry with sunny spells. Maybe it will have improved by the time we are ready to go!

Once again the dehumidifier is coming in handy, both drying the laundry and preventing our condensation problem resurfacing. Looks like it may be on all day today as I have washed all the bed linen!

What are you doing on this rainy Remembrance Sunday? I hate the idea of war, and lots of the young men who died in the First World War seemed to be little but cannon fodder. I will spare a thought for them today.
Pauper's Spanish omelette