My goals for 2018

Goals for 2018Do you have goals for 2018? I rarely set any in stone. Usually I have a vague idea of what I want to achieve for the year and occasionally achieve some of it! But the new year is a great time for setting them and here are my goals for 2018.

Redecorate the lounge on a budget

This is one of our main goals for 2018. The sitting room has been looking tired for some time. The cats went through a phase of using the walls as massive scratching post. We kept patching up and painting over the top. Now that they have stopped this particular habit we can strip off the paper and begin again!

We have already made a start on this and will do some more on Sunday. As I have said before, I am on a no spend January so our efforts to date are all about the prep. I will keep you updated on our progress!

Increase our savings

As we don’t want to take on any debt, anything we buy this year will have to be saved for. There are so many things on our wish list. However, if the money isn’t available, we cannot have them!

We put regular amounts aside for expected expenses such as holidays, the car, birthdays, Christmas, etc. However, to give our contingency fund a boost I intend to put any extra earnings into this fund. I have a huge bag of books and DVDs after my recent declutter and plan to sell them on Ziffit. I also have some items listed on eBay, so as they sell I will transfer the money directly into the contingency fund.

Organise a budget holiday

We love going on holiday – who doesn’t? Even when finances are really tight we find ways to have a break. When you have no debt and you work hard, why not?

I pushed the boat out and bought Mr S a two night break for Christmas through The plan is to go to Norfolk in the Spring. We would like another week somewhere though, so need to budget for that.

Two no spend months

I find a no spend month fantastic for replenishing the bank account and refocusing my attention. When you have made a rule that you won’t buy anything except necessities you begin to notice your particular temptations and tipping points. I am on a no spend month now, as January seems the perfect month be more disciplined with your money. However, I plan to do another no spend month later in the year, probably October.

So far I have only bought the £1 magazine I was featured in and my daughter’s birthday presents (planned for).

We were given tickets to the panto this week but resisted buying refreshments. Instead we took some chocolates and snacks left over from Christmas. It was an adult version of the pantomime and very risqué, but gave us a lot of laughs!

A trip on the steam railway

This may seem like an odd goal for the year, but if you aren’t careful those things you always intend to do never happen. Mr S has had a yen to visit the Norfolk Steam Railway for years! We plan to go as part of our two night trip to the county.

Two yoga workshops

I have mentioned in the past that I am a qualified yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. To keep up my skills, learn from the best and stay inspired I try to attend regular events. This year I plan to go to at least two yoga workshops. These aren’t free, however, so I need to include them in the budget.

In an ideal world I would attend a weekly class. However, I have other priorities for my money, and can do yoga at home for free!

Clear out the attic

This is a huge job that we have been putting off forever. However, there is so much stuff in our attic we have forgotten what half of it is. We clearly do not need most of it so, as I am currently in declutter mode, a lot of it needs to go. Some will be donated to the charity shop and some will be sold to help increase the contingency fund.

I once lived in a house where we stored so much stuff in the loft that the ceiling plaster started to crack! I am keen to avoid of re-run of that particular episode.

Finish blog revamp

I changed the look of the blog several months ago now. However, one of the tasks I need to complete is to reduce the number of categories so that readers can more easily find subjects of interest to them.

This is a huge job as I have over 2000 posts! It means going through each of them to re-categorise. I have done a lot of work on this over the Christmas break but I intend to finish it as soon as possible. When I have even 10 minutes to spare I am working on this.

New front door

Our front door and frame are in very poor condition. In the winter, you can feel the draught whistling through! Even though it is a double glazed door, it is very old.

We are going to start looking on Facebook Marketplace and eBay to see if we can find a used one. This will have to wait until later in the year to be fitted though as most of our time and resources are going to go towards the lounge project.

So, those are my goals for 2018. There is nothing life changing here but it is good to focus my efforts. What are your goals for 2018? Are you clearing debts, saving for something in particular or aiming for a new career? Please share to inspire the rest of us.

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12 thoughts on “My goals for 2018

  1. That’s an interesting selection of goals, Jane. By the time you get to our age (can’t you just hear those violins playing?) our goal is to get to 2019, simple as that! But it’s good to have goals to aim for. We’ve not decorated our sitting room since 2002 but it looks fine to us. It mightn’t look so fine had we children at home and we no longer have any pets, either. But as we age perhaps our ageing eyesight prevents us from seeing what really needs a face lift? Nature’s way of compensating for being unable to tackle jobs that we once found easy-peasy! My goal it to relax more, not to fret about what isn’t being accomplished, simple as that. Good luck with all your goals!
    Margaret P

  2. My perennial goal is to lose weight. I only want to lose 1 stone but don’t find it easy, and seem to spend the first 6 months of the year losing 10lbs which I then put back on during the last 6 months! Each year I’m determined not to put it back on again, but it always happens – probably not helped by 5 birthday meals and Christmas all within 4 months! This year will be different – she says, yet again!
    I’ve made a start now the Christmas leftovers are gone, and so far this week have managed 3 x 15 minute yoga sessions with the help of You Tube, and a 5 mile walk!

    The big household project is to redecorate at least one of the kids bedrooms (preferably 2), and like you, organise the attic.

    This week I also reassessed our budget and reorganised my “Freedom” (savings) account. As the kids are no longer needing money for school every 5 minutes I’ve changed the School section over to a Holiday account, and transferred the leftover Christmas account money into it, so that’s looking good already! We’ve just booked 3 weeks in Cornwall for our Silver wedding anniversary this year, but as that is already saved for, this is a jump-start for next year!

    My only other money goal is to try to spend less on the weekly shop. I don’t know if it’s shopping at 3 supermarkets now that we have an Aldi and Asda nearby that’s increased the cost, or if it’s due to prices going up. This month a Lidl is also opening up, so it’ll be interesting to see if it makes a difference to how I shop – or just adds another place to the list!

  3. This year I need to loosen the purse strings a bit.
    I,m still living like every penny needs to go to mortgage, paid in Oct 14 years early.
    Garden is a weed strewn overgrown disaster back and front, will attack it!. And BUY and grow lots of flowers!.
    Aussie lodger leaves in April after 2 years room needs painted new chest of drawers, dressing table .
    Downstairs needs a toilet and little wash hand basin room at side of door.
    Still need to squirrel pennies away for retirement in 2 yrs but not as extreme as before.xx Kirrie.

  4. Yes think I will. Have had lodgers for the past 6 years. When Brenna goes away will certainly miss her, more the cheery good morning, night general chat!. We are not best pals, but 2 ladies who are happy to live in the same house, Brenna lives like a student in her room!. Her choice. She is independant and travels around Scotland when she has time off work, yes I do miss her then. She did say to me that I,m a fab landlady, guess finding someone who is easy going but independant is the key!.
    Do you still have a lodger Jane?.

      • Just looked on spare they appear to have hiked up their prices hugely!. Used to be 3 months or until room let £30 ish now 1 month option £25 or 6 months£99 no inbetween . Always find takes 6 weeks to vet people, find the right person!. So many say yes and don,t appear, lesson learn,t always get
        a deposit. But don,t like what spare room has done!.

  5. Varied goals!! It is so good that you look at your whole life regarding goals and money, very inspiring. I gave up all of my yoga “qualifications”, in New Zealand the main one is Yoga Alliance, plus I wrote & taught teacher training courses for years, and the big ashram with whom I had been affiliated, decided our (expensive) teacher qualifications were no longer suitable, ie retrain and pay some more! Not forgetting the gym training for tutors that I was expected to keep up. I discovered that to keep qualifying in all of these things, I would have to attend expensive courses by people who were less qualified & less knowledgeable than me! It was beyond ridiculous. It was a big relief to give them all up, and save the retraining money instead.

  6. Main goal for this year is to attack my paperwork as I have 2 briefcases full of old papers and more in drawers and files. Took me hours to find my MOT last time. And it’s not old household bills like gas and electricity as OH has all those; it’s old pay slips training notes various savings and bank statements car paperwork etc probably mixed up with cars I no longer own or accounts long closed!! Definitely starting next week and doing an hour a day until I finish. Then I’m going to do some decluttering as we have far too much junk here.

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