Sticking to the meal plan…

meal plan

Last week’s meal plan went awry! We were out when we were supposed to be in, Mr S was off doing stuff so it was just me a few nights and I couldn’t be bothered…. I ended up eating eggs and chips instead of making something ‘proper’. We also had an unplanned dinner with my parents. Never mind, meal plans need to be flexible and it did mean I only had to spend around £15 topping up and didn’t buy much at all.

This week hopefully we shall sticking to the meal plan. Generally speaking, I love meal planning for the time and money saved with a small amount of organisation and forward planning.


Smoked salmon pasta. This was one of the meals we didn’t get around to. The smoked salmon was frozen so it is fine to use this week. We will use up a bag of salad I bought a few days ago.


Chicken casserole for Mr S, roast potatoes and kale.  I shall have one of my veggie meals from the freezer.

If I feel OK, I may make a cake! Not sure what yet but will try to use what is in the cupboard.


meal plan

Lentil dahl

Some of the lentil dahl I made last week and froze. It was yummy!! Served with rice and a naan from the freezer. I played around with this, and will publish the recipe next week.


Spaghetti Bolognese. I have  minced beef in the freezer for Mr S and will freeze half of his Bolognese sauce for another time. I will have a simple tomato and pepper sauce with grated cheese.


Salmon from the freezer with potatoes and vegetables. I have a packet of hollandaise sauce in the cupboard so will cheat on that!


meal plan

Aubergine and chick pea tagine

Just me in for dinner, so will see what is leftover or eat something I made earlier from the freezer. I still have some of the aubergine and chickpea tagine in there. This was delicious! Perhaps that with some rice.


Valentine’s Day! We will have a home made but easy dinner as I said in this post.

I will have another go at getting rid of the burgers in the freezer, with air fried chips and salad or veg. Still loving my air fryer, even if I’m not very adventurous with it.

So, this week’s meal plan is pretty straightforward, but as I am still in pain it needs to be. Do you meal plan? If so, what are you eating this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Sticking to the meal plan…

  1. Mr S is a lucky man! My meat eaters have to make do with Quorn mince in their bolognese sauce! I rarely do them something separate if it’s a veggie dish that has been planned, though I have lately started incorporating a couple of meat sausages into the Toad in the Hole/Sausage casserole etc for one son who has recently started leaving the Veggie ones on his plate.

    Saturday: Chickpea Shakshuka with brown rice

    Sunday: Veggie Toad in the Hole with mash, gravy and steamed vegetables

    Monday: Chicken curry with pilau rice and Naan (I do a small separate pan with Quorn chicken for me)

    Tuesday: Leek & Bean Stew with Tiger Bread

    Wednesday: Chicken Burgers and chips. I’ll have a bowl of leftover stew or take a homemade soup from the freezer

    Thursday: Butternut Squash Curry and brown rice

    Friday: Masala Fish with couscous and steamed broccoli

    It sounds like a lot of curry, but they are all really different types. Curry is a sort of catch-all term like “stew” or “casserole” really.

  2. I’ve just had a look through the freezer while I figure out meals for next week. I have been offered some temp office work over the next 2 to 3 weeks (might work 7 hours one day and 3 the next) so wanted to plan a few things ahead of time.
    When I get in from church tomorrow I’m going to make a pot of chicken noodle soup for easy suppers, along with salads – I already have a couple of different chicken dishes cooked that I’ll take out of the freezer to have with the salads and I’m going to cook up a batch of falafel balls as another option for a protein and then just mix and match all week.
    I will need to pick up a few more groceries for lunches but one hour’s pay will more than cover the extras so it’s worth while to do it all ahead of time. This afternoon I intend baking some cupcakes so I can pop one into my lunches (which I will bring from home each day).
    I can finally see that I’ve made a good dent in eating down my freezer – but I should still make it to the end of the month just fine.

  3. Sounds like another delicious week! Try not to feel bad about not eating ‘proper’ dinners every night – at least you avoid takeaways! £15 for a top up is fab too, well done and thanks for linking up!

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