A meal plan to reduce your food bill

If you read my recent post How to Slash your Food Bill, you will know that our grocery bill has been creeping up. Meal planning is absolutely crucial if you want to reduce your food bill. By planning every meal, using up what you already have, writing a shopping list containing only what you need and then sticking to your list you really can save lots of money.

With money saving on my mind as we move into Autumn and towards Christmas, here is what I have planned for this week.

A meal plan to reduce your food bill


Spaghetti cheese casserole. This is one we eat regularly, made with cheap store cupboard ingredients. Aldi had two corn on the cobs on their specials when I popped in last week at 35p for two! Bargain. We will eat the last of these with the casserole.Reduce your food bill


Red Dragon Pie. This is a classic from Sarah Brown’s Vegetarian Kitchen, and is delicious. This is a really old book, but you can pick it and some of her others up on Amazon from time to time. It is worth having.


Chick pea curry and rice. I will make a large batch of this and freeze some.


Pho. We all loved this Vietnamese noodle soup last time and it was so easy to make!


Chilli con carne with jacket potatoes and chilli sin carne for me! Both will have as a base some of the batch cooked tomato sauce I am making this weekend.


Spanish omelette, using any leftover veggies that are hanging around.


Chick pea curry again. End of the week laziness with a large glass of white wine!

For lunches we still have quite a lot of courgette soup on the freezer. I will also have salads with either hard boiled eggs or tinned tuna. If we are at home it will be sardines or eggs on toast.

Breakfasts are almost always muesli with yogurt or microwaved porridge.

Snacks will include fruit, mixed nuts from Lidl (as they are a good price in there), cereals such as cornflakes or cheese and crackers. I need to keep these at a minimum though to stop our waistlines expanding!

Are you looking to reduce your food bill? What are your top tips to save money on groceries?

As usual, to keep my shopping budget on track,  I am linking up with Katy Kicker and the Organised Life Project. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look here.

13 thoughts on “A meal plan to reduce your food bill

  1. Besides having my ‘never the same flavour twice ‘ soup box in the freezer (gets end of week veggies, jar wash outs etc put in and when full, the oddly coloured ice cube is eased out in to a pan, lentils or split peas added, and lots of flavourings and stock that I have around, then it becomes soup), I’ve now taken to storing ‘stock.’ Basically, whenever I cook pasta or veggies, I save the drained cooking water into a dish and when it’s cold, pour it into the 500ml size yoghurt pots and freeze that. Next time I make stock, two of those are enough for a 4 batch soup, got all the goodness from the veggies plus bit of starch from the pasta. Plus I’m saving a bit of water on the meter! I treat food shopping now as me against them in the shops. How much can I get of what I like for as little as possible. Just got £50 of Co-op vouchers for transferring house insurance to them (was £5 dearer than nearest lower quote but had the £50 offer). Won’t be just doing a £50 shop there though, it’s come in 5 x £10 vouchers so will be using those individually on offers and mark downs whenever I can. If the bread I like is cheaper in Tesco then it’s a waste of the Co-op vouchers to buy it for more at their shop. It’s a war, or perhaps a guerrilla action LOL.

  2. So many of your dishes I’ve not had before! That’s one of the reasons I love this linky so much! I get to learn more about other foods and recipes. We love chick pea curry too. But a lentil curry is my favourite! This week we made a big batch of it, cooled, dished out in smaller containers, and freeze for later use.
    Thanks for letting us in to see what you do and how you do it!

  3. We had Chickpea Curry today too – though I call it Chickpea Stew as it’s really too mild to be a curry – and this is coming from one who likes her curries mild! 😀
    Pretty much the same recipe as yours, but I add frozen mixed veg to make it more hearty, and this time ate it with crusty bread rather than the usual rice. Yum! 🙂

  4. We love red dragon pie too, in fact we had it last Sunday for dinner then ate the leftovers on Monday for dinner too. I’ve had the book since it came out many years ago now, if I remember rightly it was to accompany a TV series but could be wrong.
    I hope you enjoy your pie

  5. With my first 2 children, we either had soup for lunch, or made salad sandwiches with some protein, at the table. With my youngest, we had dhal, often. I’ve mostly always used vegetable cooking water as stock, and always had a bag in the freezer where I tossed in skins and tail ends, of vegies, to make stock. Leftover fried rice, once a week. I am shocked that people think that families need gourmet meals each night. I was talking with a friend, in her late 50s. She said, that growing up, they had baked beans on toast, at least 3 times a week for dinner; friday evening was always boxed rice risotto and commercial fish fingers, a roast on sunday at her Nannas. Her dad is over 90, and still works craft markets and jewellery. Proof positive that you don’t need “superfoods” to be healthy.

  6. I have quite a good stock in the pantry so I am currently trying to alternate between fresh, what’s in the freezer and some pantry stores. Some meals will be very simple, tinned sardines on toast, eggs on toast – that sort of thing and as soon as the weather cools I’ll be making at least one pot of soup per week.
    I’ve got a lot of coupons to use starting next week for what we call The Bulk Barn – where I’ll get things like cous cous and quinoa and baking supplies – I’m planning my trips carefully to make the best use of the coupons and save money.
    I’ve started my own home made vanilla essence and tomorrow I’m making a batch of yogurt – I’ve had a maker for years but haven’t used it in ages. Milk was on at a really good price last week so I stocked up and will make my own yogurt from now on. I also plan on making my own pesto and hummus from here on as well.
    Produce is starting to come in cheaper now so I will get a 10 pound bag of onions for $2 at some point and I’ll freeze chopped onions, onions mixed with peppers and caramelized onions – and peppers are also on at a good price this week so I’ll be buying more on Monday and I’ll open freeze a number of ziplock bags – although I’m thinking of switching to some bins to stack more easily – one bin per colour of pepper.
    I’m really trying to make better use of my funds each month so paying attention to sales, using coupons and not wasting food is a priority and I appreciate all the tips that I get from sites like this – so thank you.

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