Just another frugal Friday #fivefrugalthings

Feeling grateful on Frugal Friday

frugal Friday

I have been feeling rubbish this week, just tired and low. So it is good for me to think about being grateful. Watching DIY SOS always makes me cry and last night was no exception. It makes you realise that if you have family, friends and your health you are really lucky. If you want to find some reasons to be grateful, watch it here.

This isn’t one of my five frugal things! This week I have achieved the following. It is good to look at my achievements on this frugal Friday.

No. 1: A walk in the forest

We had to drop my daughter at the station in Ingatestone on Sunday. Rail replacement services mean that the journey back to Brighton for her is so long! We took pity on her and saved her £15 in the process. Having driven all the way there from Colchester, though, we decided to go a bit further and have a few hours in Epping Forest.

We hadn’t visited for years and it was absolutely gorgeous. Even though it was a slightly grey and drizzly day the forest still looked beautiful. It’s hard to believe it is so close to London. We love to walk in the woods. It really lifts the spirits to get out in nature – plus it cost us nothing except the petrol to get there. A cheap day out.

frugal Friday

We dropped into Greensted Church on the way. It is apparently the oldest wooden church in the world, and just happens to be where my brother got married! It is a lovely building and it was nice to have another look at it.

Essex isn’t all TOWIE, you know. We have history, culture and nature too!

No. 2: Buying green on a budget

I have been moving more and more towards buying eco-friendly products wherever I can. However, I am on a budget and my purchases need to reflect this. I have been researching this and published a post about eco-friendly beauty on a budget here. Green is the way to go and you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve an eco-friendly lifestyle.

No. 3: Bargain make up

frugal Friday

In the meantime, I found some ridiculously cheap makeup the last time I went to town. I wandered into the New Look sale. I couldn’t see any clothes I liked, but I did find some makeup items hugely reduced. I got £28 worth of makeup for just £9. That will keep me going for a bit. However, as things are used up I will be looking for guaranteed environmentally friendly alternatives.

No. 4: Dodging the rain

frugal Friday

I managed to time doing the laundry so that we had some sunshine to get it dry. It has been raining on and off all week, but when the rain stopped the weather was warm and breezy. Clothes smell so much nicer dried in the fresh air, and I save money because I don’t need to put the dehumidifier on. I don’t have a tumble dryer and really don’t want one. However, it is definitely easier to get the laundry dried in fine weather.

No. 5: More listing and decluttering

frugal Friday

We have more bags of bits and pieces from our decluttering efforts. They are starting to pile up actually so we need to do one soon. This should make a bit of cash!

I also listed on eBay two pairs of really nice shoes that I never wear. What’s the point of them sitting gathering dust in the cupboard? One was a lovely pair of leather pumps which felt nice in the shop but were actually a bit narrow when I wore them. The second were a comfy leather pair of heels. However, I hate wearing heels! I bought them for a wedding but have only worn them twice in 5 years. Time to go.

So here are my frugal Friday achievements. How has your week been? As ever, I am linking up with  Cass Emma  and Becky in this week’s Five Frugal Things I have done this Week linky.

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11 thoughts on “Just another frugal Friday #fivefrugalthings

  1. Thank you for your post. I love to read everything you write and am always inspired. Thank you for being honest over how you feel. We seem to be living in a time where people only show how wonderful everything is ie. Facebook etc. When in reality lots of people are going through tough times. It’s good to stay positive but it’s also good to be real. Times are tough with bank rate increase, which may only mean a difference of a few pounds to some on their mortgage can mean breaking point to others who are already overstretched. A level results came out yesterday and it’s all over the news which is lovely to celebrate the victories but what about those students who didn’t do well for various reasons how must they feel. Or those young people who just can’t seem to find their way at the moment.

    You’re right we need to celebrate and appreciate the small things which can make all the difference to how we feel. A lovely walk, a cup of tea sat in the garden, a good book to read. I am on school hols at the moment and have done lots of decluttering which I have donated to local charity shops (no rubbish). It’s
    A way of giving and it feels good to help others in that way and it also helps me feel good about what we have in our home that is used. Thank you for your posts. Keep blogging and inspiring.

  2. I am so sorry you have been feeling low, generally out of sorts, and yes, one way of digging oneself out of the slough of despond (well, it mightn’t have been quite despondency!) is to think of all the things for which we are grateful. But that’s not always easy when we’re feeling low and I’m sure the walk in Epping Forest helped. How kind to take your daughter all that way to the railway station.
    I have a small oil painting of Burnham Beeches, near Windsor, in our hall (inherited from my late mother) and it always reminds me of how we are fortunate to have these wonderful woodlands and forests in our country. I love a walk in woodland.
    I have also dodged the rain and managed to get a lot of laundry line-dried (it sounds like when, on packs of fish, the producer boasts that it has been “line-caught”!) And while I’ve not made any money out from them, I have taken some things to the local hospice charity shop, i.e. doing my bit – or trying to – to help others. And now, when we ‘cash up’ our change pot of all the 20ps, 10ps, 5ps, 2ps and 1ps, (last time it came to around £35), we give all the 2ps and 1ps to the charity shop, too.
    I also bought something in the charity shop while I was there, and for just £2: one of those pretty little cardboard miniature chests of drawers – this one decorated with flowers and in mint condition – that once held a notepad and so forth. I suddenly thought it would make a good container for my lipsticks. They are now neatly lined up in the two little drawers. Yes, a frivolous ‘spend’ but it has tidied my lipsticks up beautifully.
    I hope you will have a lovely and happy weekend, Jane.
    Margaret P

  3. My week started off with a spend at IKEA for a metal shelving unit I’ve been wanting for a a long time. But a friend drove me there and back, negating the need to pay for delivery, and helped me to get the boxes into the apt. – in turn I treated her to breakfast. Getting this put together and in place has led to a week of cleaning, reorganizing and moving of various bits & pieces of furniture. I finished off the week by going through my pantry cupboard and my toiletry supply cupboards and giving them both a good clean as well. This has led to various savings as I discovered that in fact, I did not need new storage containers but in actual fact I have many leftover and will rethink what I can use them for in the future! I also took stock in the pantry and storage cupboard and realize how little I need to buy over the next few months. It was a revelation!
    I too am trying to be more eco friendly and replace various items as I run out. I am on a very strict budget though and I find many of these products to be very expensive so I rely a lot on baking soda and vinegar for cleaning, using glass containers rather than plastic and will continue to buy loose produce without plastic bags. Every little bit helps.
    And like you I was feeling a wee bit down these past few weeks as a lot of friends had been away on vacation and I cannot afford a trip abroad this year – however, I was brought back to reality by the suicide of someone I’ve known for over 10 years – not a close friend but someone who will be missed – we never really know what others are going through so it is a good thing to be reminded every now and again of all that we have to be grateful for in this life.
    Have a wonderful week.

    • You sound incredibly organised and productive, Margie! Agree with you about the cost of eco-friendly items. So sorry to hear about your friend. Yes, it does put things in perspective when something sad and shocking like suicide occurs.

  4. Hi Jane
    Still reading your posts with interest even though I don’t often comment! Have had a sewing binge recently, all of which has been very frugal. Repurposed some 70s fabric from my late mother’s stash making a top for me, an apron and will finish a patchwork tea cosy with the final bits today. Also bought a perfect pair of unlined curtains several years ago from a car boot which I had washed and taken apart for crafting but had in fact used very little so I reconstructed them as shorter curtains and made 2 envelope cushion covers with the excess. Feeling very grateful for my sewing machine! (P.S. have been sent the usual email when you have a new post but am told there is no such post when I try to upload it – subject is preparing for Christmas). Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Vicki

  5. ah sorry you are feeling a bit rubbish a forest walk will always help and oh my goodness that church, isnt it glorious! #5frugalthings

  6. In New Zealand, our native forests are called “bush”. Either way, a great place to recharge when one is feeling “low”. I’ll tell a friend who lives in Essex about the church. On frugal friday, similar to many other days, as I am quite happily frugal, I ransacked the cupboards to make lunch: corn fritters, yum.

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