Cutting my own hair

I am getting so into this no spending lark I couldn’t quite face booking myself in for a £30 cut and blow dry. I haven’t even been that happy with my last couple of haircuts. But my locks were looking a little lank and frizzy so I thought I might have a go at cutting my own hair.

After all, I have witnessed many haircuts over the years. I have watched how my layers have been cut by pulling sections of hair up and cutting them straight across. I always cut my own fringe as hairdressers tend to take it too short.  How hard could it be?

cutting my own hairCutting my own hair using You Tube

I had a look at some of the many tutorials on You Tube and decided cutting my own hair wouldn’t be that hard. There are many videos showing  long hair being dragged into a high pony tail and cut, creating a few shorter layers.

Mine isn’t that long so is perhaps a little more complicated. I decided to divide it into four sections with a fifth section at the top of my head where the shortest layers are. I pulled this section up towards the ceiling and cut an inch off. I took the side sections and pulled them horizontal and took an inch off those too, then pulled the back sections out and up on the diagonal and snipped those. 

cutting my own hairI was cautious as it was the first time I had attempted to be my own hairdresser but it seems to have turned out OK so I will take a bit more off next time 😄. At least the dry ends are off!

Anyone else cutting your own hair?

We got our new (to us) freebie sofa yesterday. It needs a throw but is really comfortable. I also got a call back from the British Heart Foundation to say they can collect my old one after all on Wednesday. Until then our sitting room looks a bit like a furniture shop but we will cope!

How about you? Any good freebies? Have a good Sunday everyone.

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  1. Your hair looks great. My mum cut all the family’s hair when I was little and she still cuts her own.
    I have a short bob as my hair is quiet thin and it looks ratty if it’s left long. I couldn’t do a good job of this myself but I never pay for a blow dry.
    This started by accident really when my twins were only a few weeks old and I couldn’t leave them for long with anybody as I was breast feeding.
    16 years later I’m still having a wet trim…works for me and costs £11 at a local “old lady” salon.
    I’m not so young myself these days :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. I gave up having my hair cut at a hairdressers about 2-3 years ago.
    Like you, I trim up my fringe, but have let the rest grow long. It’s probably of similar length to yours and has stopped growing now, but is not nearly as thick and lustrous as yours so I look like a raggedy haired witch! 😀
    Still not going to go to a hairdressers though!

  3. My hair is fine but there’s lots of it and it has a wave so I tend to chop chunks off it when it annoys me. My son is getting married in July and my hairdresser warned me not to hack it before then (I have twice already) but I think I will get it cut 6 weeks before and then do a little hacking just beforehand. I don’t usually like it when I come out the hairdresser’s anyway so 6 weeks will give it time to grow a bit and then I can hack away to my heart’s delight and go for the “windswept” look. Wavy hair can hide a multitude of sins! Anna

  4. Your DIY trim looks great. You’re lucky to have such thick looking locks. I cut my own hair – I actually have it done professionally about every 18 months – then carry on with the DIY trims. Mine’s the same length as yours but I’ve got no layers so I would think a lot easier to cut.
    The new sofa looks lovely. You’ll be arguing as to who gets the longer bit to lounge on!!

  5. You’ve done a good job! My hair is a little shorter than yours & has lots of layers – I wouldn’t be brave enough to attempt to cut it myself – although I always give myself fringe trims in between cuts.

  6. Yes! All the time. I stopped going to the hairdressers about 2 years ago. They never listened to what I wanted anyway and I got fed up paying every six weeks so I began to cut my own. I have a chin length bob and cut it in front of two mirrors rather as Ilona (Mean Queen) does. I had a friend tell me last week that she couldn’t believe that I cut my own hair it looked so nice. That’ll do me.

  7. Well done on both the hair cut and the ‘new’ sofa, both of which look excellent! Still not able to use my own computer … but hope to be back in business before too long! No, I’ve not cut my own hair – the back would be a problem. I have short hair and I have to say you’d be aghast at what it costs once every five weeks to have a cut and ‘finish’ as they call it today, not to mention highlights three times a year. But if my hair looks a mess, I feel a mess; to me, it’s worth it.
    Margaret P

  8. My hairdresser only charges £18 for a wet cut so I go about every 5 months or so. Could never cut my own as would make a real mess of it lol

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  10. I do search and destroy on my split ends only. I have my husband trim my hair every couple months. He does the full sectioning, as well as letting it down in 1″ sections and trimming each layer. Always does a great job and I dont need to make an appointment, wait my turn or pay alot of money. I got him to help me with my color when too many grays started popping up. I made the choice to go with henna as it gives great color, deep conditioning and doesn’t contain the toxic chemicals salon and box dyes do. Help meant apply it for me, then I sit the two hours while it deep conditions and the color sets, then I wash it out myself. I get great shine and it leaves my hair really soft and silky. My hair is long, so it takes longer to apply the henna, and I need two packages to cover my hair. So about $15 every third time and one package is good for two root touch ups in between. So the henna color costs me about $50 a year. My neighbor pays $140 for cut and color every 6 weeks, she books the next appoint before she leaves. And it is over $200 if she gets highlights! That is over $1500 a year, that would be an insane drain on my budget, I could never justify that. I am not a high maintenance person that does her own pedicures, manicures and tweeze my own eyebrows. I know the salons hate women like me, I am not a money maker. The salons never cut my hair as I wanted, my husband does. My best friend received a bad haircut and they fried her hair with the color as well. After the disaster, as I listened to her vent, she asked who did mine and I confided it has hubby. She was impressed, she discussed trying henna as she was done with the salon frying her hair. She bought the kit and we planned a Saturday afternoon. Hubby trimmed mine first and then my friend was kind of silent, then my husband asked if she wanted her ends trimmed too. She said yes and she as happy with the result. She offered to pay him and he refused. She mentioned she wanted him to continue to cut her hair for her, so she needs to pay him something. He said no, she is a friend, it doesn’t take him that long, and he was glad he could help. So she gets hers cut and colored with me on my schedule. She did give him a gift card for a nice restaurant for Christmas, and he told her it wasn’t necessary. She said it is a gift, not a payment, her way of thanking her stylist. So I get off pretty well in the hair care expenses, and I do not miss the salon.

  11. Henna is red, that is true but there are darker shades that are from different plants. I have reddish highlights naturally but I don’t the orange hair. I go with the autumn/dark brown color. I get mine online from henna labs.

  12. I’ve been cutting my own hair for over a year now. It started when I wanted to shave the sides and keep the top longer. After doing that, which I think was one of the most dramatic cuts I could have started with (and I loved it) I started doing my own maintenance on it. Then I decided I would start to grow it out. I figured this would be hard and I’d have to break down and go to a stylist but so far I’ve been able to trim, shape and maintain it myself.

    It probably helps I don’t have a fear of a bad cut and just figured if it turns out wrong I can just learn how to rock a shorter cut. I bought the scissors and thinning shears. I don’t always have an exact plan and just go with what I am feeling.

    I’ve also been doing my own due job for years; blond, brown, pink, purple and now teal. Yes, my hair has normal dye damage but I’ve never hurt it more than a salon would.

    I’m not sure that I’ll ever go back to a salon and think as I grow it out I’ll just learn how to cut it through trial and error. Again though, it helps I’m not that worried about how it will look and can work with whatever length it is.

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