Being the best version of myself?

best version of myself

I am very proud of my lovely daughter, Chloe*. She has been working on her writing career and now throws out fantastic content for some of the biggest names in the magazine industry. This one made me laugh and particularly piqued my interest, ‘I tried to be the best version of myself for a week and this is what happened‘.

Putting what I know about my daughter aside (making her bed every morning? Really?), I thought it might be fun to steal her idea and try something similar.

I have tweaked some of her goals for the week. For example, I am off work sick at the moment so I’m not getting up at 6 am if I don’t have to. More sleep most definitely helps me be the best version of myself. Especially with all the meds I am taking!  Also I generally make my bed already.

Social media? I maybe spend 15 minutes a day on Instagram, maybe 5 or 10 on Twitter, and hardly ever look at Facebook these days. I need to do something whilst I am at home, so I won’t kick my social media habit just yet.

What do I need to do to become the best version of myself?

Exercise: a daily walk.

Being at home and not moving much (and putting on weight), I would say an hour a day in the gym would be beneficial. However, anything other than simple stretches when you have a trapped nerve in the neck is asking for trouble, so I will go with a short daily walk.

Getting outside and having a brisk walk helps me at any time, physically and mentally.

Two litres of water

At work I always have a big bottle of water on my desk. But two litres? Not sure if I drink that or not. I will measure it out.  It seems that being the best version of myself will mean frequent trips to the loo. At least that will be more exercise.

A gratitude journal

I completely believe in the benefits of positive thinking. Being grateful for all the good things in your life is a sure fire way to lift the spirits.

I will try this each morning. Not buying any fancy special journal. I will use an old notebook I rescued from my lodger’s recycling!

A daily meditation

best version of myself

As I said in this post, I have been practising meditation for a while using the Calm app. But I am not in a routine with this so will have a go at meditating each morning, before I get ready for the day.

One household chore a day

At the moment I can’t manage a good clean through of the house in one morning, as I usually do. Just cleaning the bathroom the other day sent my shoulder into a spasm. But it is important to me that things don’t get too messy. I will aim for a small achievement each day. Mr S is good at hoovering so he can do all of that. Today I will dust the bedroom and change the sheets.

Taking a daily supplement

I already take a ton of supplements. However, I was reading recently about the benefits of magnesium. It seems many of us are deficient in this vital mineral. This is because levels are much lower in the soil (and thus in our food) than they used to be.

It is claimed that magnesium can help with a multitude of conditions, including a tendency towards trapped nerves and muscle spasm, and also fibromyalgia. This article explains more. I am in, and have already ordered some.

So this is my plan for the next week to begin to achieve the best version of myself that I can manage with a trapped nerve :). I will let you know how I get on next week!

*Before the other daughters start complaining I am super proud of ALL three of you!

4 thoughts on “Being the best version of myself?

  1. I have fibromyalgia, and I’ve also suffered from trapped nerve in my neck and shoulder, so you have my sympathy. Just wanted to say that magnesium citrate really helps, but for best results you should take it with malic acid supplement too – it improves the absorption of magnesium and really does make it work better. Other supplements I found help with my fibro are fish body oil (not liver), high potency Vitamin D, glucosamine and turmeric. There’s a huge list of supplements that have been known to help some people, and I probably tried them all over the years, these are what really helps me, whereas some others recommended, like 5 HTP and Enzyme Q10, did nothing for me. As we are all different, it’s a matter of trial and error, finding what works for you – good luck with it!

  2. I suffer with arthritis and used to take magnesium but then one of the medical researchers I used to work with did some research on magnesium supplements. He found that you get exactly the same results by eating one banana a day! And it’s a more natural way for your body to absorb the M. So I switched to that and have to say, I’ve noticed no difference whatsoever so rather than paying for supplements, I just buy bananas.

    • I eat bananas too. But I don’t think they have high enough levels of potassium? I read we should all aim for 500mg a day. I guess everyone is different and I don’t know how it impacts arthritis. I will give it a try

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