A free haircut and being frugal in February… #fivefrugalthings

Another week has gone by so quickly! I had the last of the block of 5 massages that my mum kindly bought me and I still have 3 acupuncture sessions to go. Being frugal, I booked blocks of each as they were cheaper. Both are helping my pain levels I think but the nerve is still well and truly trapped.  MRI scan is next week so hopefully I will soon find out what is going on to cause such pain. And, just as importantly, what can be done about it!

1# Charity Shopping

being frugal

My daughter has been dragging me around the charity shops every now and then to stop me going mad with boredom, as you may have seen in yesterday’s post. We have found some fantastic bargains, but some charity shops charge ridiculous amounts for tatty clothes just because they are a well known label.  Of course they want to get the most money for their charity, but they also need to use their eyes and common sense when doing the pricing.

Having said that, they are currently discounting a lot. I think they must have been inundated over Christmas or maybe everyone is doing a Marie Kondo clear out! I watched her show a couple of times on Netflix and it is interesting. However, I can’t see myself finding the time to fold all my clothes the ways she suggests and keep them like that. Being frugal to me includes getting rid of clutter and not buying stuff I don’t need anyway.

2# Not buying new glasses

I went to have my eye test at Boots, because my employer pays for an annual check there. My reading glasses are usually swinging round my neck (or I lose them!) but I now need glasses for distances, mainly for driving. I thought perhaps it was time to give in to varifocals and wear them full time. However, the price they quoted me was astronomical – £420!

I decided to take my prescription away and look elsewhere. I checked out a few online sites, including one called SmartBuyGlasses, which gives you 50% off your first pair if you sign up for their newsletter. This sounded promising and I thought I could always unsubscribe to the newsletter later.  I am still considering whether buying online is right for me and have emailed off a few questions to their customer service department.

If it means paying £420 I will stick with the ones I have for reading, and a pair I got for work which the optician told me were fine for driving. Has anyone else bought glasses online and saved money? Did you encounter any issues?

3# Entering competitions

I guess this is only money saving if I actually win something, but I have been using some of my time off sick to enter some competitions. One of the sites I like is ukcompetitions.com as it has a straightforward format taking you directly to the competition. I have been on others where you have to answer sooooo many questions and they are clearly just trying to gather your data for spamming later.

On the Martin Lewis Money Show last week they talked to a lady who had won over £70k from competitions! However, she did enter A LOT. I think she said about 100 every week. It would be fun to win something like a holiday or a new laptop, but I don’t think I will be that obsessive.

4# Birthday cards on the cheap

being frugal

I think I have said this before, I like sending birthday wishes to people but, being frugal, I resent paying £3 plus for a piece of card that will only end up in the recycling. So I am always on the look out for cheap cards. Card Factory is one of my favourites for stocking up.  However, in the Sue Ryder charity shop they had these quirky cards for only 50p each. I think the designs are really witty and I love them!

5# Free haircut

I said last week that I had booked a free haircut at the training night at a salon in town. Yesterday I went to take advantage. The haircut was very good – the tutor checked everything and stepped in to do the tricky bits. However, it took almost 2 and a half hours! When you have a trapped nerve in your neck, sitting still for that long is no fun. Luckily I had topped up my painkillers about 20 minutes before I went in so I survived the experience. However, I’m not sure I want to sit that long for a hair cut again, even if it is free.

They do a full head of colour at the training night for only £10. When I am better I might consider that as normally professional hair colouring is so expensive. I usually do it myself  – I think I have only ever had one professional colour in my life. Such a skinflint 🙂

Anyway these were my frugal doings this week. Are you being frugal in February?

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20 thoughts on “A free haircut and being frugal in February… #fivefrugalthings

  1. Good experiences with Glasses Direct and excellent value. I have varifocals and hate them! Make me feel quite disorientated at times. Also, at my age, my distance prescription doesn’t change but the reading prescription does which means having to change the whole lens at a cost of over £400!

  2. I couldn’t get on with Varifocals, kept falling UP the stairs. Re cards, I gave up on expensive Clintons type cards years ago. Now I stock up on Card Factory ones and then just pop a scratchcard in when I send it. Still cheaper than a Clintons card, plus it’s more fun for the recipient. Best yet was the 8 year old last year who not only won £10 on the scratch off but then went for the ‘scratch and double’ option and got that too so £20! He’s seen his brothers, parents not win on cards I’ve sent so he knows he was very lucky and that gambling is really a mug’s game.

  3. I have worn varifocals for the last 10 years or so now – and I love them. It’s the having to wear glasses at all that I hate!
    The price is ridiculous which is why I’ve not been back to be re-tested in 5-6 years even though I really need to. I’m always wary of buying anything personal (including clothing) online as I have to be able to try things on first. I’d hate to be stuck with frames I hate because they looked good on the model in the picture!

    I’m hoping to hold out until I can get free prescriptions – which I’m hoping is 60 which has begun to show it;s scary head on the horizon, in case that brings the cost down!
    To put in perspective, our holiday for 2 last week cost less than my glasses!!!

  4. I always use online sites for my glasses now with no problems. Last year I had a coupon in my email for my first pair free including lenses. All I paid was shipping. I figured all I had to loose was a couple of dollars if they didn’t work and turned out to be the best I’ve ever had. Hope you start to be pain free soon.

  5. If you have an Asda near you, they do two pairs of single vision or varifocals for £119. Or one pair for £80, or thereabouts, I forget. And there are cheaper ones. I’ve just picked mine and they are great. They include thinned lenses if you need them, anti scratch coating but charge £49 extra per pair for reactive lenses for bright light. Some people have said, “Oh, they’ll break, they’ll be rubbish,” but we find that not to be the case at all. Hope that helps.

  6. Hi, re glasses there is a shop called Smart Optics in Hamlet Court Road Westcliff Essex. if you are ever down this way .He makes the specs for opticians and is considerably cheaper than any other place I have found. This is a no frills operation but the service and advice is good but he can’t do eye tests.

  7. I’ve used asda before and they do designer glasses and I have found them OK and quite a lot cheaper than many opticians. I don’t know wheteher you can do varifocals online because you need measurement taken. I go to a local college for haircuts it generally takes about one hour for a cut and blow wave. I like being cut by a student who is being assessed because they seem to have to do it within a time frame!!
    I keep being told that charity shops seem to be overflowing but our’s seem quite sparse I wonder if it’s related to regional areas

    • We went to Halstead today and they didn’t have any sale rails. Maybe it was the case just after Christmas and they have got rid of the excess now. Some of them were really expensive! You could be right about varifocals online. I will definitely be checking Asda out.

  8. I’ve had glasses from Glasses Deidre this a number of times and have had no issues with them. My husband has also bought from them too with no issues. We have only bought single vision lenses though not varifocals. We buy our varifocals when needed from Specsavers, they have very good deals from time to time and we always watch out for them.

  9. Two and a half hours? Wow that is a long time, I could not sit still that long with someone working on my head. My shoulder and hip would be killing me. It takes about 20 minutes for my husband to trim my hair every other month and he always does a great job, he has done my hair for me dozens of times, I completely trust him. I get a glass of wine to sip during the process, so it seems to go by quickly. And mine is free. When he does a full henna application on my hair it can take over 40 minutes, then while still with a towel around my shoulders to catch drips, I have to leave it on for a couple of hours. But I can move around, play with my phone, bathroom break, etc. but the two hours is still a long time and I can’t wait to get the henna washed out.
    My husband has good vision insurance, check up is free and with his varying prescription with the bifocals without a visible line his final cost was $160 last week. His old pair was four years old, but prescription hadn’t changed much.

      • I love the convenience of having him do it for me. I don’t have to try to make an appointment, waste half of a weekend day, worry about how bad they are going to screw up my hair or pay a lot of money. Earlier last week I told him I was due for a trim and I wanted it done Saturday. He ran a couple errands, checked on our rental property and when he got home, I asked him to braid my hair. He suggested that he should trim it first while it was straight, still slightly damp after my shower, rather than braid it and trim it later when it was curly. So I took a seat on my desk stool, got caped, hair combed out, etc and he gave me a trim. After he finished, he french braided my hair.
        He took over the task of giving my two boys their monthly haircuts a few years ago when we were engaged. Both like his work, I don’t have to waste half a day running them to the barbershop, waiting their turn, being dissatisfied with the haircuts and having to pay for them. My role in it now is to tell him the boys need haircuts, can you do them today? And he does them, boys help clean up with the shop vac. I figured out that my savings are over $800 a year not counting my time not wasted. So it certainly is a great thing having a husband that will do it and does it well.

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