Would you give a guest a microwave meal?

Meal planning

Our lovely French student has insisted on cooking for us tonight. He has been so appreciative of everything I have put on his plate. I am looking forward to a bowl of ratatouille cooked the authentic way!

He told me that the other students in his group are envious when he tells them what we have been eating: home made soups and casseroles with fresh vegetables every day and the odd home made cake. Some of them have apparently been presented with a microwave meal every night! Honestly, what a way to treat a guest. Perhaps that is what they eat every day anyway, but you would think they might make a bit of an effort for a paying guest.

However I have spent far too much on food in recent weeks so when he goes we will be eating a lot less meat. We will have the vegetables and cakes though still. You need the odd treat.

So I have been trawling the net for new nutritious yet frugal recipes. My favourites are always veggie stews and curries in this weather plus pasta and risotto dishes.

I am working on my meal plan. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Would you give a guest a microwave meal?

  1. Microwave meal every night?? Oh dear.
    I hardly ever eat ready meals and the ones I do eat are homemade by me and portioned up for a day when I come home zonked! I certainly wouldn’t present one to guest!!
    Nothing beats homemade πŸ™‚

  2. I’m a dedicated meat eater, so vegetable dishes are rare for me. I do love to mash up some cauliflower in the food processor with a little garlic, butter, cream and cheese…just like mashed potatoes!

  3. A Girl Called Jack has just added a Veggie/Vegan section to her blog. You might find inspiration there, though a lot of her meals can be made meatless anyway.

    One thing I remember from my student days was like a bread and butter pudding only it was made with marmite and cheese. Very yummy and savoury!
    Basically marmite sandwiches, layered and topped with cheese, with a couple of eggs beaten with 1/2 pint of milk poured over it to soften the bread, then baked at Gas 4/170C for about 45 mins until set! Or you could spread the bread with mustard if you don’t like marmite! πŸ˜€
    Good comfort food for cold days!

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