Would you eat food beyond its best before date? Check out Approved Food

I haven’t ordered much from Approved Food lately. There is too much temptation in the form of chocolate, crisps and cakes and I have been watching my weight! I had a quick look yesterday and they have some great prices though so I will do an order over the weekend. I focus on store cupboard staples and timesavers such as casserole mixes and curry sauces for when I’m in a rush, pasta and rice, condiments, tinned fruit and veg, etc. Today they have on offer Heinz ketchup for 89p instead of £1.75, Hellman’s mayonnaise for 59p instead of £1.69, 20 small Lindt chocolate bunnies for £2 and 2 500g bags of fusilli for £1. So cheap!! They will all go in my basket, even the Lindt bunnies, since it would be rude not to. They even have toilet rolls and gifts on there, although why they would have a best before date is beyond me!

approved foodI have always liked the principle behind Approved Food; they sell short dated food near or beyond their best before dates but still perfectly good to eat. If they didn’t sell these products  they might end up in the bin, which in my view is a criminal waste of perfectly good food. If you click through and sign up for an account using my link I get a small commission in the way of credits to spend with the company, so if you are interested please use it and I will be very appreciative! The delivery cost for a box is £5.99 so I always get as much as possible – this still allows for massive savings on my grocery bill.

Approved Food Link

The weather has finally remembered it is spring!.It is gorgeous and sunny here. Shame I have to go to work as I would love to potter around my garden. There is still so much to do at this time of year.  I will have to make do with a walk at lunchtime.

I have friends for dinner tomorrow so I  have to do all the preparation tonight. It will be a busy night. I am making three different curries – my chicken and chickpea one here: http://www.shoestringcottage.com/?p=2960, a lentil dahl and saag aloo, so this shouldn’t break the bank. Lots of pulses and vegetables. I hope you are having some nice weather wherever you are in the world. Enjoy your day!




4 thoughts on “Would you eat food beyond its best before date? Check out Approved Food

  1. One of the Rip Off Britain progs earlier this week (can’t remember which morning now) was about Use By and Sell By dates for foods. It was interesting and at least they tested foods such a hummus and coleslaw and cream cheese to see if the advice was good or whether a ploy by manufacturers to make us throw away food which was perfectly safe to eat in order to spend more money on those items. It surprised me to find out that the advice was good, but a bit of common sense must also come into the equation. The foods tested under laboratory conditions (and stored at the correct temp of 5C or below in a domestic fridge) were OK to eat up to about a week after opening. I won’t blather on about all the other foods, but it was a prog worth watching.
    Margaret P

    • The thing about Approved Foods is that they mainly sell long store foods with best before dates rather then fresh stuff with use before dates. Although I have to say I use my eyes and nose on use by dates as well these days!

  2. Most canned and dried goods are fine for quite awhile past the “best by” or “sell by” dates. Cake mixes can be tricky. Some don’t rise well. But rice, pasta and flour, oats and so on do well if kept air tight; I’ve kept oats in the door of the big freezer for a year or more without a problem. Dairy is trickier. I do buy meat sometimes (especially beef) if it has been marked down in the store for quick sale on it’s “sell by” date, and that gets tucked into the freezer immediately once home. I then thaw in the microwave before use, rather than in the fridge or on the counter.

  3. We have a cash and carry here which sells out of date foods. I buy a few things from them, mainly packets, but most of it is what I would call junk. Biscuits, cakes, snacky foods and fizzy pop. Approved Foods are mainly good for families.

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