World gone mad

Two things that prompted the title of today’s post…

I did my usual weekly shop in Aldi this morning and was stunned to see them selling drones for £70. Really! I didn’t feel I really needed one….I did give in to a nice looking paella pan for £5.99, however. I doubt it will often be used for paella, but is a useful and good size pan to have. I use a wok much of the time for cooking but one of mine had started to rust so time for it to go. This is the perfect  replacement. 

I am busy today or I would have rushed into town. Apparently there is a naked bike ride organised to draw attention to climate change. I rather think the message is likely to get lost in the style of transmission! I am totally in agreement about getting people to understand about the issues of climate change but I would rather spread the word without showing off my bits! Still, it made me chuckle. 😀😀

I am actually going out tonight – a rare event as pubs are just too expensive and town is full of drunken youth here at the weekend. However, it is a friend’s 60th so we shall make an exception for her.
Darling daughter no 3 is cooking loads at the moment now her A levels are over and it turns out she is a great cook! Last night we had creamy veggie bake which was delicious. I will eat the leftovers for lunch. What a little star!

Whatever you are up to today, mad or not, have a great Saturday!

3 thoughts on “World gone mad

  1. Hi

    I look out for your blog every day and love reading at life at Shoestring Cottage. Have to say the veggie bake looks gorgeous ……. any chance of posting the recipe. Thanks

  2. Aldi jumping on the bandwagon to sell the latest must have gadget. I have to say though that drones photography is fabulous.

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