Winding down for Winter

late harvestI love summer in the garden, especially in the veggie patch and greenhouse. Ours has been particularly productive this year, so I am quite sad that it is all winding down. I picked the very last of the runner beans and carrots, some chillis, chard, a strange looking celeriac (too small to do much but I will mash it with some spuds) and two pumpkins yesterday. We ate the beans and chard with our dinner, but the pumpkins are sitting on the side looking accusingly at me. One needs to be delivered to a friend with the chillis, the other needs to be made into soup. I had a busy day yesterday and I ran out of time!!

giant pumpkinsI am not organised enough as a gardener and my patch isn’t really big enough to extend the growing season very much. I do have leeks on the way, the alien celeriacs (I am hoping these will get bigger but it seems unlikely at this point) and there are lots more chillis in the greenhouse. I did sow some brassica seeds, but the pesky slugs appeared to eat them the moment they appeared! I will buy some small plants I think. I particularly like kale so it would be nice to have some of that ready for early spring.

cleared greenhouseIt was a unexpectedly beautiful and sunny afternoon, so I got outside and cleared the greenhouse of the tomato plants. It has a couple of lonely peppers and cucumbers that appear to still be producing fruit.

Our lovely Swiss student left this morning. I was sad to see her go as she seemed to slot in very well. Mr S has been on holiday for the past 2 weeks with his mum in Ibiza, but he is back today so  we can laugh at how white I look in comparision to him. It is OK for some 🙂

Is anyone growing any crops over the winter?

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  1. I’ve got some sprouts and cabbage in other than that nothing. I am bad at growing on for the winter.

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