Why am I frugal?

Beautiful Wales

Beautiful Wales

A friend at work discovered my blog by accident the other day. She is another frugalista because she is naturally that way inclined and also because she is saving towards her wedding. She wondered why I hadn’t told her about it and the truth is I don’t really advertise it. I have had too many people make assumptions in the past that being frugal means being a skinflint or ‘tight’.

It isn’t about that for me. If I had lots of money and could afford to be generous I certainly would be. My reality, like many of you reading this, is that I don’t have lots of money so I have to budget and be careful with what I have. It means sometimes having to say no – I don’t really need that night out, item of clothing, haircut, holiday and I can’t afford it. I need to attend to the essentials first and then see if there is any left over. However this does not mean that I don’t get new clothes. I buy lovely things that I like but they might come from eBay, a boot sale or a charity shop, or if I am really lucky they might be reduced in a sale.

It also doesn’t mean I can’t have nice days out, get a good bottle of wine or socialise with friends, I just cut costs by taking picnics, cooking and sharing food rather than going to fancy restaurants, and food shopping at the discount stores. I can have a holiday too, maybe not in a fancy hotel but in a cheap caravan in a beautiful location. Last summer we did just that in Wales and it was lovely.

I save money wherever I can and earn extra at every opportunity so that I can have a few little luxuries every now and again.

So, perhaps I shouldn’t be embarrassed and worried how others will judge me. I should be proud of my efforts 🙂