Who needs Glastonbury?


Wild Willy Barrett and the French Connection

 We had a lovely afternoon at Leigh on Sea at the annual Folk Festival again this year. The rain held off as a bonus. Last year we got soaked! 

I love this kind of community event. It is completely free and rather eccentric, and relies on the goodwill of volunteers and donations from the festival goers to keep running. The photo above is Wild Willy Barrett and the French Connection, which was brilliant and a lot of fun. Music, cider, cockles and sunshine. Where else can you get a combination like this at a seaside music festival?

Nick Pynn, centre, with the Famous Potatoes

We bumped into an old friend of mine, Nick Pynn, who is an amazing musician and seems to play every stringed instrument you can think of. We watched him guesting with local band the Famous Potatoes and he did his own set too. Look him up on You Tube.

Ok, so it wasn’t Glastonbury but it also wasn’t £200 a ticket!

We have actually watched some of Glastonbury on TV having said that. Adele was superb last night, such a performer and what a great voice.

  We came home and had a late dinner : liver and bacon casserole. I know offal isn’t to everyone’s taste but it is worth trying. 500g of pig’s liver cost 98p in Sainsburys and the Hairy Bikers’ recipe I used feeds 4.  You can’t get a cheaper meat dinner! We really enjoyed it. If you want a go the recipe is here: 


I bet you can’t find that at Gladtonbury either 😀😀.

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  1. MMMMMMM liver and bacon casserole – I think I will give it a shot this week. Thanks for the idea. Anna

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