Who knows where the time goes?

Busy in the city

A rare treat! I met some of my old college buddies on Saturday night for a meal in Covent Garden in London. It is turning into an annual reunion, which is lovely. Only five of us could make it this time. The bad selfie above is what we look like now and the one below is what some of us used to look like. Where has the time gone? It only seems like yesterday that we were 18 and now we have all hit 50! Can you spot me? 

The city was heaving as it was Black Friday weekend and the last part of my underground journey was horrible – everybody squeezed on top of each other. I deeply dislike both crowds and the tube so I was glad to get there. It was worth it. We had a lovely evening and the journey home was a bit better.

An Autumn walk

Mr S dragged me out for a walk on Sunday – he fancied kicking a few leaves about! It was what I needed – a bit of fresh air and exercise.
I managed to almost finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. I found a few Black Friday bargains. I was buying anyway – I tend not to get dragged into the hype usually. All bought online -I wasn’t going to brace the crowds twice in one weekend!!

How is your Christmas shopping going?

2 thoughts on “Who knows where the time goes?

  1. I was in town on Black Friday too, having completely forgotten the day!
    I found myself looking down on the standstill crowds at Oxford Circus & Bond St stations from the comfort of the number 23 bus, whilst doing a Christmas Lights tour! 😀
    Luckily Marble Arch station was clear so the journey home was ok! I even got a seat after 2 stops!!

  2. SevdayvI hope to experience London at Christmas time. I’m a proper tourist so the crowds would be just more for me to be awed by. I love a catchup with friends. I’m a blink we’re 18 again.

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