When Spirits Roam…

imageI know it’s a lot of Pagan nonsense, but I do enjoy Halloween. My team at work always really go for it. This year we have had amazing decorations, we all dressed up and there were even Halloween cakes. image

Tonight I have a little pumpkin lantern ready to go outside and bought a couple of bags of sweets for the local kids. I know they will be round dressed as all manner of ghoulish creatures later. As long as I don’t get hoards of teens deciding to throw eggs about it will be ok.

imageThis weekend we will be eating pumpkin soup and pumpkin muffins, made from one of our home grown ones.

I know that some people get annoyed at the trick or treaters, but in my area they are usually quite small and accompanied by adults, and only knock where there is a imagepumpkin lantern.

Anyone else having a spooky Halloween?

One thought on “When Spirits Roam…

  1. My grandmother used to be as excited as the kids when Halloween came around. She made popcorn balls and divinity for the trick-or-treaters, but she also always made them take off their masks to see who they were. She made the season so much fun!

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