What’s for breakfast?

imageimageThey say that breakfast is the  most important meal of the day, and I certainly couldn’t survive until lunchtime without it. I would be grumpy, unable to concentrate and have a headache. DD1 leaves for work every day with just a cup of tea in her belly. I suspect she is on the chocolate by 10!

When we have students I always set the table out with cereals, bread and brioche rolls (from Aldi – all the students seem to love them), juice, jam and chocolate spread. Sometimes I add the fruit bowl or some melon wedges. Then whoever is passing can help themselves.

I don’t have time to fuss during the week and this works ok. I might offer some eggs and bacon on a sunday though, or some porridge.

Do you and yours eat breakfast? What is favourite in your house?

9 thoughts on “What’s for breakfast?

  1. I make granola and eat that for breakfast topped with yogurt or buttermilk. If I have more time, I like to make sourdough waffles. I can skip lunch or dinner occasionally, but not breakfast. A cup of tea wouldn’t suffice for me!

  2. Well, I’m basically LAZY. When I have stale bread and some eggs, I make a big batch of French toast that goes into the freezer for quick, microwave-able breakfasts. I also freeze extra biscuits, pancakes, etc. Occasionally I’ll make “no cook” oatmeal one night ahead by stirring it with fruit and yogurt or milk, then chilling in the fridge. Sometimes, on the weekends, I’ll bake up a quiche for fast, microwave-able breakfasts during the week.

  3. Rarely have breakfast here, but if I do it’d be a slice of buttered toast. A big breakfast for me is a slice of toast with peanut butter on it – usually reserved for days when I’m off to hike parts of the London Loop!!

  4. Hi

    This might sound an odd question, but what is that yellow scoop? I am after something for portion control 🙁 Can’t find where to get something like that.


    • Hi Donna
      It is a Rosemary Conley portion pot! I am flirting with the idea of losing weight, and I do use it to make sure I don’t take too much cereal 🙂 You can find them on Ebay for about a fiver for a set of 4.

  5. Most definitely, we all eat cereal here……could not last without it….we even eat it for supper too!

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