What to do with two teenage boys?

Our two new French students have arrived. They seem nice but very shy. Hopefully they will warm up and become more confident as the fortnight progresses. Their English isn’t too bad but I must remember to speak slowly!

We took them for a drive into town and for a walk around castle park. 

It was a lovely sunny evening and there were lots of people about. It made me think that we should go into town for a wander more often. We don’t need to spend any money as there is plenty of stuff to see for free, museums, galleries as well as the park.I couldn’t get them out of bed this morning. I told them we had to leave at 8 and at 7.35 there was no sound so I knocked to wake them. We left at 8.10! Fortunately the schools are on holiday and the traffic wasn’t bad. I will have to wake them earlier tomorrow as they will be getting the bus.

They brought us some lovely gifts: champagne, two bottles of wine and some rather tempting sweets.

Some of this party from France pulled out, their parents worrying about security issues. I can quite understand their anxiety. I woke up to hear that there had even a knife attack in central London, near the British Museum which they will be visiting on Saturday. However, it seems a shame to let these hateful terrorists win when the chances of being affected by them are still very slight.

They will be at home on Sunday so we need to think of some way of entertaining them. It is due to be a nice day so maybe a trip to the seaside and a picnic is in order. I don’t know much about teenage boys but hopefully this will be ok!