What frugal things have you done this weekend?

Didn’t get the chance to blog yesterday – I was a busy bee!

I had to give the house a thorough clean as we are going to my cousin’s caravan in the Lake District next Saturday (can’t wait! Such a beautiful place) and I am working all week so it was my last chance. The day after we get back our new language student arrives, so I want the house to be in good order. Having said that DD1 will be here looking after things, and she isn’t the tidiest of people, so I may still come back to an almighty mess! Anyway, there are more things in the pile in the shed destined for the boot sale next month. That should make a few pounds hopefully, as will hosting our student.

Banana muffins ready for the freezer

Banana muffins ready for the freezer

I used up some black bananas making a huge batch of banana muffins – half for this week, half for the freezer.

I also used a sad looking onion, some celery that I had forgotten about in the fridge and sweet potato that has been in there for over a week making a vegetable curry for dinner. I dug out the frozen tomatoes and courgettes from last summer’s harvest (I need to use these up before this year’s crops are upon us!) and popped those in the pot too, then found the leftover potatoes from Friday’s meal and they went in as well. That was a frugal dinner but really tasty. 

A hotpotch of veg - left over potatoes going into the curry

A hotpotch of veg – left over potatoes going into the curry

Finally, I sat up until midnight so that I could go and collect my girls from the station to save the taxi money. They went to a big concert in London yesterday and had a brilliant time, although they were exhausted since it was such a hot day yesterday.

Today I have DD1 arriving back from Amsterdam and DD2 going off to Turkey. They can fund themselves these days, and I love to see them going off and having their adventures. I enjoy travel, and that is the thing I find most frustrating about having no spare money. When I was younger and unencumbered with responsibility, I used to disappear abroad for months at a time, doing any jobs I could before I left to get the cash, and topping up when I was away by working if I could. I hitch-hiked around Europe with my then boyfriend (I would NEVER allow my daughters to do this now), I worked in Belgium as an au pair, I spent 6 months on a kibbutz in Israel, and I travelled around New Zealand with my now sister in law, staying in youth hostels and picking strawberries and asparagus on the way. Now I generally stay closer to home, although if I had a big lottery win I would be off like a shot! In the meantime, I am more than happy to spend a week in the Lake District. It’s Mr S’s first visit and I think he will love it.

What frugal things have you been up to this weekend? And do you have dreams of travelling the globe?

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  1. samantha shearing

    National Trust membership is a must! It will save you so much in parking alone and you still have 12 months to go to other places. If you look hard enough or even ring them, you may be able to get 12 months membership for the price of nine months like I did.

  2. Sarina

    I`ve done some travelling in my youth, too. I`m off to have a 2 week holiday with DB in October. We are going to Morocco, which I love so much that we decided on going for a second time. We`d been last year and have fallen in love with the place. Now we are hoping to win the lottery one day so that we can buy a little riat for us to live out the rest of our days sitting in brilliant sunshine all year round. A girl can dream.
    My frugal things done this weekend: took my baby granddaughter to a shallow paddling pool and play area that is free to visit, made some iced tea and consumed some cheaply bought marked down food items that my stepson brought back from his work place at Morrisons. We now have plenty of sausages, fish in batter and some desserts in the freezer that will last for many weeks and mean that my weekly shopping bill is now cut drastically for the coming 3 weeks. I`m also on a fresh fruit and veg diet that will cut consumption of foods even further for me, thus saving a fair amount on produce for other days.

  3. declutterbugcouk

    I used to travel a lot more in my youth as well. Nowadays it’s restricted to the cheapest possible, I am starting to look at options such as Couchsurfing.com. Next week we are going to spend a few days in Dublin as we found Ryanair flights for £19.98 return!

  4. AuntLeesie

    Although I haven’t really done any international travelling, unless you include Canada and Mexico, I’ve traveled most of the US. I’ve also lived (literally) from coast to coast and back again within the US. My mom treated for a cruise of the Hawaiian islands for my 50th b’day; it was a girl’s only trip with her and my sister and me. As for money saving this weekend… well, thanks to your blog, I looked up “pulses” and found a website, Pulse Canada. Did you know 2016 will be the international year of the pulse? The pot of beef and lentil chili was a big hit in my household, and I got the seasoning packets for free as a reviewer. I also signed up to an invitation only site that will pay me in gift cards for doing online surveys. Nice!

  5. Amanda

    I have purchased a cheap greenhouse as I’m going to attempt to grow some veggies. I’ve never done it before so a bit nervous!
    I’ve just moved into a property that’s on a water meter so I’m trying to get into the habit of saving water. It has a water butt, I’m showering with a bucket to collect the water to flush the loo and saving the washing up water for the same purpose. I know in a few weeks it will be like second nature to me but at the moment I’m having to concentrate on it.
    I’ve potted around the garden and had a nap so no money spent today, the move has took the most of my savings so i will be living extra frugally for the rest of the year to try and replace as much as I can.

  6. Cynthia

    I saved money this weekend by bringing my own food and drinks on a day trip, and buying blueberries for the freezer to eat when fruit is so expensive during the winter.
    I’ve done a lot of traveling throughout my life, and all on the cheap. I recommend AirBnB for lodging. I stay in London for $32 a night, have my own nice room, breakfast included, kitchen and laundry to use.