What a difference a day makes

office floodApologies if you are reading this on a mobile device – I am having problems! My photos are the right way up when I add them on my laptop but sometimes for no apparent reason turn themselves on their sides when viewed on a phone or I-Pad. Annoying!!

On Thursday  it rained so hard our office car park was under water and a lot of Essex was flooded. Yesterday I was sitting outside eating my lunch in brilliant sunshine! On Thursday we were also part of the EU and now we are not (well, we won’t be for much longer).  I am very much hoping that this won’t affect my bank balance or my job but time will tell.

summer lunchI mentioned before that I had joined the gym again. I was shocked at how unfit I had got. I am going twice a week at least and I am really enjoying it. There is no doubt that exercise can improve your state of mind as well as your physical health. I went in yesterday tired and stressed and came out energised and relaxed. I also slept better.

It is an expense but worth finding the money for I think. And mine is only £20 a month which I think is a bargain!

evening gardensWe have been doing a lot of work in the garden as well, which is great exercise, although we haven’t had to do much watering. Let’s hope the weekend is better to improve the moods of all those who voted to remain but find we are leaving!

I also have a new car – well, it is an old car, but new to me. I had to wave a sad goodbye to my old one a few weeks ago as she went off to the scrapyard. I did feel really sad, but she wasn’t going to get through the MOT without me spending a lot of money, was too big for me now and cost too much to run. My new one is a tiny Toyota Yaris and a tank of petrol lasts a lot longer. I have noticed the price of petrol creeping up in recent months, but the news said it is likely to go up again this weekend as a result of the EU referendum. I have been out and filled the tank just in case!!