Wet Wet Wet

Who needs a car park when you can have a lake instead?

Who needs a car park when you can have a lake instead?

Yesterday was a ridiculously wet day here in Essex, with the usual flooded roads and traffic chaos. I had to practically swim through the car park to get into work. Not the best of starts!

As a consequence of all the rain, my laundry is drying all over the house. Fortunately, we invested in a dehumidifier last year and it is brilliant for drying clothes, as well as keeping on top of our condensation problem. This was a great investment at £150 and really doesn’t seem to cost that much to run.

Now that I have no student income meals need to be cheap! Tonight we had tuna pasta bake with salad; quick and cheap.  I just cook pasta and make a white sauce, then  mix it all together with a can of tuna and half a can of sweetcorn, smother it with cheddar and stick it under the grill for a bit.

At the moment I have a niggling cough and sore throat so I am trying to keep the germs at bay. So I am taking big doses of vitamin C, drinking lots of fluids and trying to get some decent sleep. I rarely succumb, but my office is a bit of a germ factory at the moment – everyone seems to be suffering! I will try to talk myself out of it…



3 thoughts on “Wet Wet Wet

  1. It seems like everyone I’ve spoken to has got a cold/bad throat/lurgy, just got over a cold/bad throat/lurgy, working with someone with a cold/bad throat/lurgy or think they are going down with it any minute.
    Lot of it about

  2. Jane, I’ll be your house looks a bit like trailer trash with laundry hanging all over. I can remember when as a kid we would hang laundry up in the basement if the weather was bad. Take care of yourself!

  3. Hot water with a little honey and grated root ginger makes a very comforting drink for colds/cold weather.

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