We have the wood-burner!!

Good news! Mr Shoestring has bought me a wood-burner for Christmas. Yes, really! It arrived a few days ago. We will need to budget to find the money to prepare the chimney and hearth, and get it fitted but it’s a start.

imageI have already spent quite a lot of my Christmas budget. I was hoping to have a bit left over to spend on this, but it may not happen. I am not being extravagant, but I am joining in with a certain amount of present buying.

So I need to continue to watch my daily expenses like a hawk, and save as much as I possibly can. In the meantime the burner will stay in its packaging.

I think I need to heed the advice of someone wise!image


2 thoughts on “We have the wood-burner!!

  1. Fantastic! I’m so jealous! I’ve just moved into a new build so no scope for me to have one though but can’t wait for the pic of it all installed and ready to go in time πŸ™‚

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