Watch out! The Christmas grinch is here!

imageIt has made me grumpy this week to listen to the Government saying that cutting the public sector even harder over the next few years will make us strong as a country. As someone who works in local government and has seen staff getting cut in swathes and the resulting lowering of the quality of the public sector services we can offer – not to mention no pay rise in 4 years and a change of hours that actually gave me a pay cut….well, it’s somewhat depressing.

I don’t have the answers. I just know that you can’t keep making cuts without services being affected as the government seems to be saying. There is only so much that can be achieved through improved efficiencies. After that you start giving social workers too much to do, leaving huge potholes all over the roads and making people wait 3 months to get their disabled parking badge renewed. I’m not saying that this is all happening now, but it has to be a danger.

Anyway, rant over! I know we have to budget and save money but it does seem relentless sometimes.

Sometimes I think I should stop watching the news and just stick my head in a gardening magazine and dream of the Spring!

6 thoughts on “Watch out! The Christmas grinch is here!

  1. Dan works in the public sector too, I find it very stressful, so many people losing their jobs and people suffering financially. We are very very lucky, but I know the axe will swing our way sooner or later.

  2. I understand what you mean about wanting to stop watching the news. Here in the states we are being bombarded by stories of shootings, racism and protests with not much else. It would be nice to see a pleasant story thrown in there once in awhile. It’s gotten to the point I just turn the news on for the weather forecast and then off. My husband also works for the government and went three years without a pay rise until this year, he got a half percent raise! It doesnt sound like much but we were happy about it…better than nothing we said. That was until we found out our health insurance was going up by 3 percent. What do you do? There is only so much “tightening of the belt” one can do before you can’t breath anymore….sigh

  3. You don’t expect a car to run efficiently if you drastically cut the amount and quality of it’s petrol, so what makes the government think that doing the same to services all over the country will be any different? 🙁

  4. Apparently we have hard choices to make! Which seems to translate as stuff the poor and reduce the public sector until it is the most basic it can be. I think that is the plan. Grrr!

  5. My husband works for the public sector in our county in California. He went 7 years without a pay raise of any kind. The county finally approved a 2.3% cost of living raise… and in January, our medical insurance costs are going up 25%. So… it’s about the same on this side of the pond, too. Sometimes I get tired of “needs must” frugal living. Especially at the holidays. Then I have to remind myself of all of our many blessings. And I, too, avoid the news.

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