Waste not want not :-)

imageWe had a huge buffet laid on at work today. This has never happened in the 6 years I have been working there so it caused great excitement. There was even smoked salmon, my favourite. There was plenty leftover so I brought home some bits of quiche and pork pie. I didn’t really need any more carbs after all the lovely food I had already eaten today, but it was crazy to waste it. We had salad with it 🙂 and I will be in the gym later.

Life feels full on at the moment, constantly busy with not enough hours in the day for everything I want to do. I need to organise my time a bit better perhaps, or maybe stop setting my expectations of what I can achieve in the time I have so high!

How are your time management skills? Anyone else feel like they are on a rat run?


2 thoughts on “Waste not want not :-)

  1. The Quirky Bird Gardener

    I can either be super efficient and on the ball with time management or finding any possible excuse to not get on with things, I have learnt just to go with how ever I feel. I wish I could get laundry outside to dry, at the moment we have strong winds gusting to over 50 miles an hour, so I think it would end up in the next county if I did hang it out 🙂


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