Warm glow of satisfaction

For the first time ever my car has got through it’s MOT with no issues!! Well apart from a new bulb. It cost £51 and I am delighted!!

This is especially important as we are driving it from Essex to the Lake District soon and I was terrified they might find something expensive and time consuming. Huge relief!!

imageI spent the entire day working in the garden yesterday trying to get as much as possible done and my greenhouse cleared of any seedlings. DD1 says she will water it whilst I am away but I know from experience she won’t do it enough. Hopefully the tomatoes are big and strong enough to cope but the baby plants will die. At least outside they might get some rain.

I am ashamed to say I got sunburnt! I have fair skin and I am usually careful but used Mr S’s factor 10 instead of my usual factor 20. Silly me! Luckily I have a tube of aloe vera which is brilliant for any kind of burn so have been applying liberally.

I picked a couple of lettuces which I have washed and bagged up for lunches all week. We also had our own early potatoes, spinach and raspberries for our tea last night – delicious.

So – warm glows all round!