Veggie food and a sad lack of exercise

I finally got around to publishing my new page (you will find it at the top of the blog), My Frugal Bookshelf. I will be adding to it as and when I review a book so it will be regularly updated. 

I almost missed doing a blog post altogether yesterday. Usually I write it last thing at night to be published the next morning, but time ran away with me and I didn’t manage to do that. Still, I did publish one eventually, at about 9pm! I have kept up that new year’s resolution anyway. My resolution to get more exercise is failing miserably so I must make a bit more effort. I am hoping that the weather will improve soon and I will get some more energy!

I did a nice gentle yoga session last night at least. If you are interested I have a sequence that is great for an achy back here.

My daughter sent me the link to a lovely collection of cheap and healthy vegetarian dinners. They are from around the web and many of them look delicious – quite kind to your wallet as well. We all agreed we would try the Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes first, a vegan delight from the Minimalist Baker.  I also like the look of the veggie loaded breakfast casserole, although I would be more likely to eat it for lunch than breakfast! Check out the recipes here.

I am still sugar free and have found it very easy so far, apart from yesterday when I had cravings all day. I eventually ate a sweet (but sugar free) dried fruit bar from Aldi that I found in my locker! Thank heavens I keep a larder at work!

6 thoughts on “Veggie food and a sad lack of exercise

  1. Eloise

    Just checked out the sweet potato recipe on the link -sounds very much my kind of food. I’ll be trying that one.

  2. Ms. Montana

    I love the frugal book shelf! I have been working on a book recommendation page for my blog. Books have been such a big factor in us making progress! I think they are such a great value, even if I have to buy them new, although I can almost always find them used or at the library! =)

  3. Margaret Powling

    I admire your tenacity – to post every day, to exercise (yoga, which I tried when I was young about 45 years ago, and failed at miserably!), and to keep sugar-free (we don’t have sugar in drinks or on cereal but I do like a biscuit or a cake and those would also be out to be totally sugar free!) I find exercise painful as I have osteo arthritis. Indeed, I have found over the years that exercise actually makes this condition worse. Doctors don’t believe me, either, when I say it ‘moves around’ so that some days my legs are worse, or my feet, or my hands, or my back. Right now it’s my shoulders, although I’m able to type quite happily!
    Love your Frugal Bookshelf. You would think me the world’s worse spendthrift as my bookshelf is so different – yes, I have cookery books and so forth, but mainly social history, décor, style, historic houses, indeed, everything to do with architecture and houses. Not a bit of frugality there, I’m afraid. But I do try and buy them as cheaply as possible, I’m not daft! Books to me are what holidays are to others: essential.

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