Using wonky veg, making extra cash and cutting back on plastic waste

It’s all go at Shoestring Cottage! I have been working my way through the veg in the Asda Wonky Box I was given to review and I have to say it has lasted all week easily. It is excellent value at £3.50.  Asda has committed to putting 10,000 boxes into a selection of stores across the country at least once a month. This is currently making the boxes quite rare – I have yet to find one in my local store. Let’s hope they commit a little further! The problem will be, I am guessing, that if they really take off it will affect sales of Asda’s unwonky vegetables! The cure for this is simple – forget about perfection and just sell all of the veg as it comes…

spanish eggs and riceThe first thing I made was Spanish eggs – so easy and really delicious. I chopped a couple of the red onions and fried it up with some garlic and two of the red peppers from the box. I added a tin of tomatoes, a pot of Oxo Herbs & More rosemary and thyme that I picked up really cheaply in Home Bargains, a glug of wine and some salt and pepper. I cooked this up in the pan for 20 minutes then made some wells and dropped a couple of eggs on the mixture. I put the lid on and cooked this gently for 10 minutes then served it with some rice. As it was only me eating that evening I used two eggs, but you could add another couple and this would be a nice supper for two people – I had the leftovers for lunch the following day.

veg from boxWe also had a chicken and vegetable curry, which used more onions and peppers, sausages and  mash, using red onions, potatoes and the cabbage, and carrot and coriander soup, using the carrots. Tonight we will have beef casserole with yellow stickered beef, frozen tomatoes from last year’s harvest and from the wonky box red onions, parsnips and leeks. We will eat this with ‘wonky’ potatoes. We have eaten most of the cucumber in sandwiches and dipped into humus for lunches. The rest of the onions and potatoes will be used next week.

It is definitely worth buying a Wonky Box if you are fortunate enough to come across one.

peace ringI have also started a little Instagram/Facebook shop, selling some nice bits of inexpensive jewellery I managed to source plus the used designer dresses that I have been selling for a while on eBay.  I have also found some very pretty scarves so will add those as soon as they arrive. I sold two pendants the day after I made my page on Facebook, so I was pretty happy! You can find me on Instagram – @janeysboutique and on Facebook with the same name. I don’t expect it to make my fortune, but every little helps!

I am trying to cut the amount of plastic I use. It seems so difficult to avoid, but I am making a start. So far I have switched from butter in a plastic pot to the old fashioned stuff in paper, given up liquid hand soap for bars of soap and gone back to washing powder in a cardboard box. Of course I can recycle plastic containers but it is better to avoid them in the first place!

6 thoughts on “Using wonky veg, making extra cash and cutting back on plastic waste

  1. I will definitely keep an eye out for a wonky box. I would happily buy a couple boxes a week for my family of 5 (with big appetites). Veg has always been our biggest food expense as I will happily drop meat often to keep money in check.

  2. I have actually started looking at every single plastic bag that comes into our house to see exactly what it’s got written on it regarding recycling. It’s awful! Some have nothing on them at all, some have nothing that means anything obvious, some can’t be recycled at the roadside and have to go back to the shop. It’s beginning to seem to me that very few plastic bags can actually be straightforwardly recycled, i.e. into the roadside box. Previously I had just put all the plastic bags into the roadside box, which is probably what most people do. I am seriously wondering just how much of the plastic that people put in actually gets recycled if people are putting in what shouldn’t. I intend to write to somebody about it. Oh and today I wanted mushrooms in Sainsbury’s but they hadn’t got any loose ones. Normally I’d buy some in a plastic pack instead but today I thought – no…..wait till they’ve got loose ones.

  3. I think you’re right. This may well result in “wonky” and “proper shaped” veg being sold together. I get both coming out of the garden.

  4. Have you heard of Splosh? This online company supplies cleaning products etc in concentrated form. You buy a plastic bottle for say washing up liquid and then the sachets of concentrate. All you do is put the sachets in the bottle and top up with hot water. When it is all used up just order more sachets online. They are delivered by post in boxes that go through your letterbox. My selection of bottles have been going now for about 2 years.

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