Using it up! Home made quiche and a bit of charity shopping

pastry mixI have another day off today, using up my annual leave. I love having a bit of spare time, just to potter and be a domestic goddess. This morning I decided to use one of the packs of pastry mix I bought some time ago from Approved Foods to make a quiche for tea. I have never used one before – it goes against the grain – but it was a massive bargain and I couldn’t resist buying a few.

quiche 3It was certainly extremely quick, so great for people who are in a hurry I guess. The pack said to mix the contents with 6-7 tablespoons of water. Well it took me 14 before it would stay together, and I ended up adding a tablespoon of sunflower oil too. This did the trick! This made one quiche base and a tray of jam tarts. I made a cheese, mushroom and tomato quiche – the tomatoes were looking a bit wrinkly so they needed using up too. The jam tarts were made with my home produced redcurrant jelly.

quiche 2The pastry was actually not bad at all. We have had some tarts with our morning coffee and will be eating the quiche for tea with some chips and vegetables. Yum!

I have two more pastry packs in the cupboard so that will feature in my next two week’s meal plans. I also have some batter mixes – I will use a couple of those tomorrow night, seeing as it’s pancake day.

jam tartsIt’s just me and DD3 at home today as she is on half term. We are planning a bit of charity shopping and I will treat her to lunch at that awful McFood place. She likes it and it won’t  break the bank so I am happy to make a very rare visit.

quiche 4Whilst we are at the charity shop she is going to talk to them about volunteering. I think this is a great idea to give her a bit of work experience and do a bit of good at the same time. I think it will look great on her university applications as well when she comes to do them.

Back to work tomorrow, but I have my last day off on Friday when I will be helping DD1 to move into her new house. The place will be quiet without her, although possibly a bit tidier :).

Whatever you are doing this half term, enjoy it. Hope you manage a bit of family time.

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  1. Pottering is my favourite hobby 😀 Glad you’re getting to spend some quality time with your daughter, even if it is at Maccy Ds! The jam tarts look lovely.

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