Using cheap mince and a kind of spag bol

imageI had to nip into Sainsbury’s the other day and bought a few groceries to keep us going. I thought I would risk the Basics mince. It was only £1.50 for 400g, crazy cheap. However, it was 20% fat!

imageI managed to make this into a perfectly delicious spaghetti bolognese anyway. What I do when using cheap mince is to fry it up first with no extra oil and then strain it. This gets rid of most of the fat so that it can be used in whatever dish you like without creating a greasy mess. Whilst it was straining it I sautéed onions, garlic, pepper and mushrooms in a little olive oil and then I added the mince, 2 cans of tomatoes, tomato purée, dried mixed herb, a stock cube and some salt and pepper and simmered it all up whilst I cooked the spaghetti.

imageIt was a yummy Saturday tea!

imageI deep cleaned DD1’s old bedroom this morning and it is starting to look like the gym. Let’s hope we get the chance to use it tomorrow as today has been too busy.

I need a longer weekend!


2 thoughts on “Using cheap mince and a kind of spag bol

  1. I always cook and strain mince, both lamb and beef. In fact I brown mine in the slowcooker. I just bung it in, leave on high for about an hour, stirring once or twice, and then drain the fat off before adding the other ingredients.

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