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I just caught the very end of Supershoppers on Channel 4, where they promised to investigate cellulite vanishing tights next week. As if tights are going to get rid of your cellulite! It got me thinking about other totally pointless or at least unnecessary products. You may as well pop a fiver in the till and leave them on the counter for all the good they will do you.

Large companies employ clever  marketing teams and spend big bucks devising new products to persuade us to part with our cash. They are so good at this that soon we believe the hype and forget we ever lived  without them!

This list is just my opinion. You may well disagree or you might want to add some. 

Air freshners. They don’t and can’t create fresh air.  Open the window.

Tumble dryer sheets. Uh?

Shower gel – what’s wrong with soap?

Diet meals. Make your own low fat dinners.

Pills that claim to burn fat. Sorry. Don’t believe it!

Body firming lotions and bust lifters – unless they are made at Hogwarts 

Separate cleaners for your kitchen and bathroom. Ditto shower and oven cleaners. One multi surface cleaner will do the lot (or some bicarbonate of soda on a sponge)

Hand sanitiser (unless you are in hospital). Wash your hands with soap

Hand wash ( as above)

My daughters will disagree with this no doubt, but … skin primer? You put it on under your foundation to keep the foundation on, then put powder on top to keep the primer and foundation on ….! You will have more layers than an onion if you’re not careful.

Separate hand and foot creams

Fit Bits. If you didn’t exercise before I bet you don’t suddenly become an athlete just because you are wearing one.

Cellulite creams. They don’t work any more than the cellulite vanishing tights 

Any moisturiser that claims to lift your skin and diminish wrinkles. (Or do anything other than moisturise.)

Neck cream. It’s still skin,right? You can use whatever you put on your face!

Stretch mark creams. I tried these when I was pregnant and afterwards too and came to the conclusion that they don’t work. The only thing that reduced my stretch marks was time.

Which products do you consider a pointless waste of money?

12 thoughts on “Unnecessary products

  1. I agree with your list with the exception of the fitbit. I was pretty much a couch potato until I got mine, and whilst it hasn’t turned me into an athlete, I do a lot more walking and love to see the steps add up.
    I am taking part in the 1000 miles challenge that I read about on another blog and I am pleased that I have now surpassed that total. It has certainly encouraged me to get of my butt and do more.

  2. Soap seriously worsens my husband’s eczema, even the organic ones so I buy a non soap based body wash which seems to help. Otherwise I would use soap. I do carry a hand sanitiser when I walk the dog – no water available to wash my hands in. And while i don’t have a fitbit I agree with Hazel that having something that monitors your exercise levels (a pedometer in my case) does motivate you to walk more. But I definitely agree that there are many, many completely unnecessary products in your list.

    I was dumbfounded one Christmas to find a near riot in our local supermarket because they only had a very few bags of frozen roast potatoes left. There were mountains of fresh potatoes in the fruit and veg aisle 🙂

  3. I was going to leave a comment but I’ve realised that Hazel has written pretty much word for word what I would have said. My Fitbit has certainly made me fitter.

  4. Yep – I’m a fitbit convert – I love seeing what my Zumba class does on there and if I haven’t made my 10k steps will go for a walk around the block (or up and down the stairs if weather like yesterday’s!!) I also have mini competitions with friends and family on it

    Hand sanitiser -great to have in a bag with small ones. Sinks and soap aren’t always available – and it was a must in a nappy bag when I had need of one!

    And I like shower gel for ease – a bar of soap disappears quickly in a shower, I’ve found. I also have hand wash at the sinks – I hate grubby bars of soap in a dish – 3 boys can often mean that is the case! I use a1di cheap bubble bath to refill the bottles though 🙂


  5. Like Hazel and Sally I think that some form of monitoring device (I use a free app on my iPhone) helps me to exercise more. I too am doing the thousand mile challenge on another blog. That really has got me walking about 3 miles a day.
    I love your blog and totally agree with you about all the other money wasting goods for sale.
    Three Things I would term a waste of money are
    1 sliced meats….. why not cook a small piece of ham, beef, chicken etc and freeze slices interleaved with parchment paper
    2 prepared fresh vegetables……how long does it take to cut up an onion,carrot,etc
    3 perfumed plugs for electricity sockets….if the house smells that bad open the window, clean it and bath the dog! Sue

    • Agree generally, and I am suspicious about mouthwash for long term use, but it was helpful when I had an infected gum. Medicinal use only!

  6. Agree all except for two: shower gel stops doesn’t produce the horrible scum that soap does and makes showers a lot easier to keep clean. The other one is face primer – using a good primer, the make up I apply at 7 am lasts all day with no need for a top up and no shiny patches. I have tried the same make up without primer and it needs refreshing by 11am. If you use a quality primer, there is no need for moisturiser. My own completely pointless product is fabric softener. Tried it once and couldn’t see the point.

  7. Hate soap in the shower as it makes cleaning more difficult and agree about hand sanitiser as it is totally useless for killing germs. You need a good lather under your nails to clean the hands with handwash or soap and water. I use disposable gloves for cleaning up after the dog when out and about and wash when I get home.

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