Unexpected Events…

I took a rare foray into town this morning. I rarely go, unless there is something specific I need as I don’t have any money so what’s the point?

I remembered I had a voucher from my birthday last year for the hairdresser’s based in our local department store, so I was really pleased. A posh haircut for almost no money (I had £29 left on the card but their cheapest cut and blow dry is £37). When I arrived I thought I must be developing dementia because the salon was not where I had left it a year ago when I used the first bit of the voucher! ‘Oh, they have moved across the road now,’ I was told when I asked a sales assistant. Bemused, I wandered over the road, and they were expecting me. Shame they hadn’t mentioned the fact that they had moved when I called to make the appointment! Then, I realised that they wouldn’t take my voucher as it was for the department store and not specifically for the salon….

I gave in and had my hair done anyway – it was in desperate need of a cut and I had driven into town so I figured I would bite the financial bullet. Luckily it was a good cut and I was pretty happy with the result.

After, since I had £29 to spend in the department store I had a look in their clearance section. They had a fantastic set of Denby kitchen knives for £35, reduced from £80. I have never had a decent set of knives in my life! So I went for it and they are actually beautiful and fabulous quality. Not bad for £6, even if I did have to put the cost of my haircut towards them…

I had a quick walk around the clothing department whilst I was there. It felt as if I was in an alien world fleetingly – a world where the aliens will pay £200 for a top!! I popped into QD after though, so I was soon back in my natural environment!

Not a great morning from a financial view point, but I had a nice time so I am not going to stress about it. 🙂