Trip to the Big Smoke!!

imageOur latest language student arrived yesterday, from Spain. He doesn’t seem too intimidated by being in a house full of women! Not sure how easy he will be to feed, however – I made a cottage pie for dinner last night and he hardly ate any. The darling daughters cooked him chicken tonight and that went down a bit better, but still with no great enthusiasm.

imageI left them to it as Mr S and I were invited to London to the Royal Courts of Justice today for a friend’s swearing in ceremony. He has just been made a district judge and it was a real privilege to be there. The buildings were incredibly beautiful and impressive, but the best bit was knowing that somebody down to earth and fair minded has become a judge on his own merit and not because of the ‘old boys’ network. He had to sit various tests and go through a stringent selection process and his success is very well deserved. Well done, that man!!

wallace collection

Hertford House, home of the Wallace Collection

Whilst we were in London we decided to visit the Wallace Collection of art in Manchester Square. Another beautiful building with some very old artworks. I may be a bit of a Philistine but I couldn’t help but wonder if people would be viewing Tracey Emin’s unmade bed with awe and admiration in 500 years time or whether they will be more surprised that she got away with it as she laughed all the way to the bank! The collection is worth a visit if you are in London and is free of charge.

Now my holiday really is over and I am back to work and reality tomorrow!