Treading the hard path to a financial education

Many thanks for all the comments yesterday. It appears I am not alone in believing all children should be taught basic life skills such as cooking and sewing, with other sensible suggestions given such as finance and budgeting. I completely agree. I wish I had had lessons on basics like bank accounts and saving, how to budget, interest rates and the like. I bought my first house in a blissful cloud of ignorance about how this all worked and was lucky it didn’t all go pear shaped!

imageLearning about personal finance is a bit dull, frankly. I only know what I know now out of necessity. I made so many mistakes on the way. Still, regrets are pointless – going forward I will make fewer financial mistakes, and I will do my best to educate my daughters so that they go out into a harsher world with a bit more savvy.

Eyes down now in preparation for my new student on Sunday. This one is a full grown adult. Normally we have teenagers. Still, at least I won’t have to worry about him coming back late from the pub! I will keep the food bill as low as I can this week because next week will inevitably be more expensive. When we have the students I tend to cook more meat, buy and make desserts, etc. I am earning money from them after all and want them to enjoy their meals. I have given the room a deep clean in preparation. I enjoy this – I see it as paid work, which is what it is. I am looking forward to his arrival.

Last night was the first night I felt really cold in bed. I ended up with a duvet, two blankets, fleece pyjamas and a cardigan! I think tonight will be the same but I refuse to have the heating on at night. It’s expensive enough the rest of the time!! Still, we have yet to have the snow that some parts of the country have had and for that I am thankful.

How’s the weather where you are?

7 thoughts on “Treading the hard path to a financial education

  1. We have 75 degrees here in the Texas Hill Country today with beautiful sunshine and little breeze. Everyone is out working in the yards, cleaning up all the leaves and such from the fall. Since I’m a numbers person, household finances have never been a challenge, but I’ve met up with many folks in my work who just couldn’t comprehend. Good luck with your new student, Jane. I’m sure you take good care of your students.

  2. Never had a problem here with finances, either, but I have never been a spender. I think it comes from growing up without much money and having to be careful with what I had….
    Be careful…your adult student may still be coming in late from the pub..some people never grow up!

  3. Just finished catching up with your latest blogs, been off work with an rsi injury to wrist so missed your blog for a few days. Agree whole heartedly with comments about cookery in schools and the mad rush to sort out ingredients when daughter suddenly remembers she had food tech that morning! latest request was for filo pastry, stocked by a supermarket some 10 miles away from our home town – what happened to good old shortcrust eh?
    Weather in Pembrokeshire cold, dull and wet, am so very grateful for our wood burner, heats the whole house once it gets going – our pig paddock is a mud bath at the moment and the chickens have decided to go feral and move into the trees, roll on Spring.

  4. Have just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it. Was just going to say the same as Sara, I put a hot water bottle into the bottom of my bed about half an hour before going to bed. It means that my feet are lovely and warm as soon as I get it and helps me feel warmer immediately. Sometimes if im at home during the day, (i live in a big old victorian house which can get very cold), I sit with a knitted throw over my legs and my feet resting on a hot water bottle, nice and toastie

  5. Good luck with your latest student, I hope he’s an easy visitor. No snow as of yet, and we’re not likely to get much, but you never know. I also agree with the hot water bottle, the only thing for cold winter nights!

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