Tower of London: A River of Red in an Ocean of People!

Tower of LondonWe had a trip at the weekend to the Tower of London. It was a great experience!

I will never ever be a person who enjoys city life. I don’t mind a visit to a beautiful and interesting city: Barcelona and Amsterdam are two of my favourite places. But generally, I don’t like the noise or the traffic, I don’t enjoy crowds, I am not a fan of the hustle and bustle and I can’t wait to get home. If I had to live or work in a large city I think I would struggle. I find Colchester stressful enough in the rush hour, and it’s hardly a metropolis!

Tower of LondonHaving said that, I did want to visit my daughter and see her new student house share in the East End, and I really wanted to see the poppies at the Tower of London.

LondonWith four of us going, driving was by far our cheapest option. The roads weren’t too clogged up being a Sunday, but it was busy enough. We managed to park near her house, had a very reasonable roast at the local Wetherspoons (£6.95 each including a drink), then set off on the underground to Tower Hill. It was packed! Every one had the same idea it seems. The poppies really are stunning; they are very beautiful and rather moving, so if you are able to get there before Armistice Day on 11th November, you really should.

imageI don’t know who had the idea to make a porcelain poppy for every man who fell in the First World War, and then plant them in a stunning display around the Tower of London, but it was a great one.

So I was glad to get home, but even happier to have been :-).

3 thoughts on “Tower of London: A River of Red in an Ocean of People!

  1. Thank you so much for the poppy view. I had no idea this was happening, well, I do live on another continent, after all! but one of those poppies is for my Uncle Jack, who fell at Verdun.

  2. I popped by a couple of months ago, and it was impressive enough even then! I really must go again before it does! Still tossing up whether or not to buy one as well! 😀

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