To socialise or stay at home?

A very rare occurrence! As I type this I am sitting eating in MacDonalds. I have popped in straight from work before I meet some work colleagues for someone’s leaving drinks. It is cheap and has free wifi so I can cope just this once! I can’t go to the pub on an empty stomach.

We are about to move into the season of festive socialising. This can be tricky for the money saver. Should I accept every invitation and beggar the expense? Should I chose one or two and budget for those, or should I appear totally bah humbug and refuse the lot? In truth we go out very little. It costs far too much, and we are pretty lazy really. We  prefer to snuggle up at home and watch a good TV drama. But at Christmas I feel I should make some effort, particularly with colleagues. So I will take the middle ground. During December I have a meal planned with my team and one with the other managers. It’s good to spend a bit of relaxed time with workmates once in a while. 

The problem with invitations is that they tend to all arrive at once. I have also been invited out for a meal with friends tomorrow. That won’t cost me anything at least as its at someone’s house. I will need some wine to take though.

I won’t be out late though – too much to do at the weekend as usual! How do you feel about spending your funds socialising? Are you always at the pub or are you a home bird?

14 thoughts on “To socialise or stay at home?

  1. I’m definitely a home bird! I don’t go out to work now but when I did work I used to dread the seasonal do’s! With all the extra expense at this busy time of year I used to begrudge money spent doing things with people who I really didn’t feel at ease with . I’m not a miserable old sod btw!

  2. It sounds like a fun weekend planned. I am a homebody as we say in America. I prefer to stay home and snuggle on the couch with my husband watching tv or Netflix. Once in a while we do go out with friends or out to dinner just the two of us.
    By the way, I love reading your blog!

  3. I am a home bird. Mainly because I don’t like noisy pubs and restaurants. I am deaf in the left side and wear a hearing aid, and it amplifies all the noises in the room so I find it very difficult to join in with conversations. I sit there like a dummy, it’s not enjoyable.

    • Agree, hate noisy places. Luckily tonight was quiet and civilised. I had one glass of wine, a nice chat then home to my bed

  4. Have no choice but to be there for my staff, my idea of hell!. They are all lovely though. Just horrid mass produced Christmas meal. And 2 glasses of wine £37. Yep n I,m expected to put wine on the table £100 plus. will smile sweetly n leave as soon as I can!.xx

  5. Used to enjoy going out with colleagues when I was at work (now retired) Have been virtually housebound for the last month due to a bad virus that has affected my balance so now I am feeling better it is great to be out and about. One of my mottos is ‘Go out and do it while you can’ as one day you may not be able to. Love reading your blog All the best x

  6. Oh me and Jon can hardly bear to leave the house unless absolutely necessary, not even down to money really! Christmas is at home this year, again. Last year was the first in our new home and it was perfect, just the four of us. We do not go out a lot because we just prefer to be at home, Jon isn’t big on going out drinking and we just prefer to go out as a family if we go out. Now the nights are drawing in I love the fire lit, curtains shut with and Rayburn and logburner fired up just cosy in at nights.

  7. I am sort of half and half. Love a fun night out with girls or meeting friends but equally satisfied with popcorn and Netflix. I try to budget for and balance going out.

  8. Yep, another ‘take it or leave it’ type here!
    We only ever have two Christmas do’s – one with a group we belong to which is just a meal and a lot of fun. The other is hubby’s work do which varies in theme from year to year, and is generally harder work, as his company is mostly 20-30 somethings and we’re in our 50s now! It gets loud and alcoholic which is not our style, the talk is hard work as I have no idea who anyone is, and it’s far too expensive!
    The first one was fun (the novelty of not having had a works do for over 15 years was quite an eye opener as to how other companies do things!) , the second was less fun, and last year we didn’t go at all! Each time it’s been scaled down a bit more, and the way things are going, there probably won’t even be one this year!

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